Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dear Readers -

We at Saffron Tree are indeed very happy to announce that we have been nominated for the 2006 Indi Bloggie Awards in the Best New IndiBlog category.

Thanks to all the readers for nominating Saffron Tree at the awards. We appreciate your support and encouragement.

Congratulations to all of us in the Saffron Tree blog team!

Congrats to all the other nominees in the different categories - The Mad Momma, Great Bong, and last but not the least three cheers for the entire Indian Food blog community - Indira's Mahanandi deserves a special mention!

We are thankful to the people involved in this great effort for their time - thanks to the jury and the sponsors who have come forward to support the blogging community!

The voting is going on now and would be open until 20th Feb. In order to vote, you need to register with a valid email address.

Thank you all once again!

Aparna, Meera, Praba, Ranjani, Sathish & Tharini


Anusha said...

A well deserved nomination! I was kinda hoping they'll put you in the Group Blog category, but doesn't matter - glad you were recognized...I have already cast my ballot :)

Praba Ram said...

Hi @ -

Thank you so much! Appreciate your support!

It would have been nice to see a separate category for the best of "Mommies/Family" blogs - there are so many wonderful blogs in this category...isn't it?


Space Bar said...

congratulations with the win and all. very happy to have discovered ths blog through the indibloggies. i'm crazy about children's iterature and glad to find others who are.

best wishes!

Patrix said...

Congrats on the win! It is a great effort. Keep it up.

FH said...

Hi Praba,just came to know about your winning the award.Congratulations and you absolutely deserve my friend!:))

bee said...

Congratulatons on the award for best neW indiblog!!!!

Anonymous said...

An absolutely well deserved award to all the members of ST. Great going!!

Praba Ram said...

Asha, Patrix, Space Bar, Bee, Sailaja -

Thank you all for your kind words!

It's lot of fun to connect with people who enjoy reading children's books not only to their kids, and also for their own personal pleasure!

Let's share the love of reading, and discuss many wonderful authors and their books here!

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