Tuesday, November 01, 2011

CROCUS: Celebrate Reading Of Culturally Unique Stories

CROCUS 2009: Around the World in Seven Days. 

Our first annual children's blog-book festival started as an abstract idea with a driving urge to host an online festival to foster the love of reading. As it gathered shape and form, our collective thoughts settled on the need for a theme.

The love for travel and connecting with the world was compelling enough that by end of summer 2009 the small group of nine contributors had settled on the theme, eager to hand-pick books to review and present at the festival. CROCUS was planted and harvested together as a team.

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CROCUS 2010: A Cultural Odyssey 

Culture can be viewed in terms of its constituent elements - food, dress, language, customs, lifestyles, music, dance, art forms,legends and so on.

It is these diverse forms of expressions that we attempted to understand as part of our CROCUS festival of 2010.

 The colourful threads of diverse cultural forms woven into the beautiful fabric of humanity highlight the fact that despite all our differences we are still one. This universal truth can be explained through these wonderful books to our budding little citizens of the world.

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CROCUS 2011: A Tribute to the Five Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Space. 

As Saffron Tree turns a glorious 5 years, it seems fitting to pay tribute to the 5 elements that we all have in common.

Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Space
Chi, Ka, Fu, Sui, Ku
Prithvi, Agni, Vayu, Jal, Akasha

It has different names, but a connected thread of resonance for all of us. Because these very elements are within us as well, forming the cradle of our life force.

To acknowledge and understand these 5 universal elements, and the roles they play in our lives, was the motivation for CROCUS 2011.

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CROCUS 2012: Melange of Math & Eco-Science

The word ‘Mathematics’ evokes a range of reactions - from awe-inspiring worship to pure terror, sublime beauty to couldn't-care-less callousness. This year, we decided to explore Mathematics with the hope of sharing books that might inspire and entertain the little ones, removing any stigma attached to Math-learning...

And, to find a balance and put things in perspective, we dedicated part of the festival to celebrating our earth via Eco-science books to pass on the awareness to our children.

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CROCUS 2013: Migration & Exploration

Migration, exploration, moving in search of a better life, across histories, geographies, cultures, setting down roots in a new habitat - it is a all way of all life. Why not, then, look at stories of these migrations?

Humans have migrated for all sorts of reasons. Moving just that much more ahead to find food and shelter. Getting away from an area that has been affected by natural or man-made disasters. Finding new land to settle in when population exploded as an indirect result of the discovery of cultivation and establishment of agriculture. Exploration of new territories - either for conquest, expanding kingdoms, in the name of religion, in search of different cultures, for adventure, for trade, or just to plunder.

We looked at animal and human migration and our boundless energy for exploration that lead to the moon landing and Mars rovers - things that only we, humans, continue to do because we are not happy staying put.

[Excerpted from the Welcome To CROCUS posts by our contributors]

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