Monday, November 13, 2006

The Okay Book by Todd Parr

The OKay Book is a cute book for toddlers and preschoolers that conveys the important messages of self-esteem, and tolerance in a kid-friendly package.
Author: Todd Parr.

When and why did I buy this book? Got it when my preschooler was 2 yrs old. A book with simple text that can make little ones feel good about who they are, and not be biased against others for the way they are- to develop self-respect, and also to be respectful of others. An important lesson in today's world!

Not at all paternalistic or preachy! A great book that is fun for little ones and grown-ups!
Here's some sample text from the book, which can be put into four "message" buckets -
Simple self-esteem based ones: It's ok to wear glasses, It's ok to be short, ok to be tall..
Tolerance based - ok to live in a small house, it's ok to come from a different place etc..
For the emotions: ok to share, ok to be scared...
Funny ones - ok to wear two different socks...
The final one "It's Okay to dream big" - a neat way to end!

More of Todd Parr: You can check his website for his other books

Text: Simple one-liners that even preschoolers can read. In fact, this has been one of the books that my daughter loves taking with her for her "show and tell" sessions at her preschool. She loves reading it aloud to her friends - a confidence booster for her reading skills!

Illustrations: Bright and goofy

Age group - 2 to 99 :-)


Tharini said...

That's a very cute review. Wud love to get a hold of this for my son!

FH said...

Teaching tolerance to kids or any one through fun books is a great idea! Keep it up:))

Lakshmi said...

such a good review. have to get one of these.

Krithika said...

Love your blog and book reviews. Would be great for my 5-yr old twins

sathish said...

2 to 99 :-)

That is nice :)

Praba Ram said...

hi guys -

thanks for dropping by and leaving comments! The Okay book is therapeutic too at times...:-) the pictures and text make you feel better in an instant

My daughter has picked up the - "Aaww, It's Okay" when she sees me upset for something she has done- she says that in the typical singsong manner from - got it from school, I guess..what all they learn - but it is one of those instant heart-melters definitely, and i chuckle instantly..

Have a great weekend!

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