Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One More Story....

OneMoreStory.com is a subscription based storytime website with a collection of over 40 popular picture books. I signed up for this last November for my 4 yr old. I paid 50 dollars, and it's valid for a whole year of online story time that I can access from anywhere just with a userid and password.

It features several popular titles, and some of them are from one of our favorite publishers Kane/Miller, which itself according to me makes the subscription worth it. The books come with multimedia effects, and can be very entertaining for little children and adults like me!

Sit with your kids and join the fun when someone else is reading to your kids on Onemorestory(for once, hahn?) I should admit, I have been very impressed with the way the stories are read. The sound effects are excellent! There is enough number of books to keep your preschooler busy for months. I think the site plans to put up 108 e-picturebooks within the next few years!

Most of us have taken our kids to storytime here in the U.S. at local libraries. I have always felt how wonderful it would be if kids in other countries, particularly in India where I grew up, get to experience this nice opportunity in their local libraries too. Well, Onemorestory.com is as close it can get to a library storytime in the U.S. Children can have access to a great collection of stories for a little over a dollar per book. Community centers/libraries/schools can get subscription to this site in other countries. I would assume that a subscription to this site is possible if you pay with their credit cards. For people living outside, I would suggest that you to write to them to find out how to go about getting an account if you are interested.

When we take our kids to the local library for storytime, we do take the time to drive them, sit with them, and enjoy the stories being read to. Similarly with Onemorestory.com, I would encourage we sit with our kids and enjoy some quiet listening time with them, and then follow it up with a little discussion! It's definitely worth spending the buck(instead of spending on some cheezy toy) and the time, of course! Such storytime opportunities online may also prove helpful to bilingual families in the U.S. who cannot read books in English to their children due to language based barriers.

Here's a title that is my daughter's favorite on Onemorestory.com:

Guji, Guji - a fabulous tale from Taiwan filled with humor and wit - a clever,clever story!

Here's a quick review on this wonderful book!

A crocodile's egg ends up in a duck's nest. Mama Duck doesn't notice (she was reading a book!) The large-oversized egg eventually hatches, and out emerges this large nosed reptile screaming Guji,Guji! Guji,Guji grows up with the other three ducky siblings! Mamma duck doesn't say anything bad about the way Guji,Guji looks, and takes him as he is! Life is great for Guji,Guji, but one day he meets three other nasty crocodiles who tell him that he doesn't belong with the ducks, and should in fact be eating ducks, not living with them. The crocodiles tell Guji,Guji to bring his duck family to the bridge and that he should have them dive in to end up in their mouths. But Guji Guji comes up with a plan to save his duck family. He loves being a "crocoduck"!

Such a cute, modern tale so much better than one of those old "The Ugly Duckling" types! We love Guji, Guji! Thanks to the author, Chih-Yuan Chen for such a brilliant story! Lovely illustrations that are very cleverly done! Definitely going to remain one of our favorite stories for 2007!

Guji,Guji was first published in the U.S. in 2004 by Kane/Miller. Spanish paperback to be released in March 2007.

One of the other titles we have enjoyed on Onemorestory is Owl Babies - By Martin Waddell (click here for the review on this book last December by Meera Sriram)


sathish said...

this reminds me of the famous and a old book on ducks -

"Make Way for Ducklings" - I do not have this book, but, have read it long back and quick check in wikipedia informs that

this was written in 1941.

AkaRound Peg said...

Thanks. We loved this site and have subscribed to it. SO happy to have 'discovered' Phyllis Root. Loved Rattletrap Car. Good site, I enjoy coming here.

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