Monday, October 08, 2007

Biennial of Illustration Bratislava

The awards of Biennial of Illustration at Bratislava, Slovakia for 2007 have been announced. The Grand Prix award winner is Einer Turkowski.

I was blown away by the Children's Jury Award winner Jae-Hong Kim, an illustrator from South Korea. Check out this illustration. There is an interesting urban legend associated with this illustrator too.

An Indian angle to this award is that for year 2003, one of Katha's children's book publications, The Song of a ScareCrow, won Special Honour award.


Praba Ram said...

OMG - what a beauty! Never seen anything like this in a picture book. I had to tilt my neck so hard, get so close to the screen to actually see the "mother/son praying"..I definitely "can't imagine" the kind of efforts the illustrator would have put in to create this masterpiece..:-)

Thanks for the link to the award

MCristina Itokazu said...

Dear Sathish:
Joel Rufino dos Santos, a Brazilian writer who is a reference when it comes to African-Brazilian culture, wrote a book for children called "The indian boy who became a giant" (O curumim que virou gigante). At the end of the story, the reader is invited to observe the landscape when arriving at Rio de Janeiro, for the giant is lying there, looking at a bright star which stands for his little sister.
Lucia Lacourt's illustrations, even if not as stunning as Jae-Hong Kim's, have proven successful in capturing children's imagination.
I think legends of earthbound giants hidden in the landscape by means of their grandeur have a great appeal to all of us, kids & grown-ups alike...
Thanks for your thoughful entries.
I hope you get to read this...

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