Monday, October 01, 2007

While the world celebrates "Non-violence and Peace" in the context of Mahatma Gandhi's 138th birthday on October 2nd 2007,

Saffron Tree brings to all its children "The Peace Book" by Todd Parr.

The book cover says it all -

The book does not scream "no war". Neither does it evangelically advocate non-violence. Instead it unleashes all the feel-good things for those unblemished minds that will be tomorrow's messengers of peace.

Boys and girls of different color and culture joining hands is what we see as we enter - Peace is making new friends. More such thoughtful one-liners make up the rest of the book. While, I am tempted to reveal it all and give away the book, I will withhold myself and let you in on the fact that the book covers all that Gandhi essentially stood for - love, compassion, tolerance, coexistence and peace. Loaded with deeds of goodness like planting a tree or sharing a meal and sprinkled with pleasantly blissful things like watching it snow or wishing on a star, this book can touch little hearts in an amusing way. Strikingly colorful and typical of all of Todd's works, the meaningful doodles illustrating all that brings us peace, can be very appealing to children. I particularly like the one that goes Peace is having enough pizza in the world for everyone - a delightful way to drive home the message. Explaining the essence of "world peace" to our sons and daughters can be a complex endeavor, but with a diluted but equally valuable definition presented in this book we can teach them to spread goodness and cheer in little ways. The book ends with Todd's signature statement - "The world is a better place because of YOU"!

Here's wishing for Little Gandhis all over the world on "International Day of Non-violence"!


Sheela said...

thanks, meera, makes me want to try this one... unfortunately, i didn't really like the few Todd Parr books we've read so far (Do's and Don'ts, Feelings, Family, the Okay book) and was a bit disappointed - and they didn't make an impression on Ana, but the message in this Peace book seems worth sharing with Ana... will have to place a hold in the library right away and check it out:)

ranjani.sathish said...

Hi Meera
This seems to be a lovely and simple book. On the occassion of Gandhi jayanthi today, Tulika has brought out two books on Gandhiji. Check this out :

The book "PICTURE GANDHI" seems very interesting as per the reviews that I read on Tulika and "The Hindu" today.(I am unable to get the link to The Hindu article on it).

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