Saturday, December 15, 2007

Barnyard Dance

Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton
Suggested read alone ages 4-7
Suggested read together ages 0-4

Sandra Boynton, the author and the illustrator of this amusing book, portrays goofy-looking farm animals, square dancing with a lot of bowing and twirling. Throw in rhymes like,

Bounce with the bunny,
Strut with the duck
Spin with the chickens now

Whats not to like in a book like this?!

This book is super hit at home turf and has been successfully holding its position as ‘one of the favorites’ for the past two years! Even the musically-challenged-me can make a decent song out of the catchy rhyming verses. Now I know the content by heart and when ever I start off ‘Stomp your feet, clap your hands, every body get ready for a barn yard dance….’ my children start bouncing with uncontainable glee!

Sandra Boynton brings out a mood of merriment with not just the rhymes but also with her illustrations. Plump hens dancing with eyes closed in total involvement, horses and donkeys slow dancing, the little chicks running around with confused expressions on their faces – all illustrated in simple cheerful line drawings.

Check out Sandra Boynton’s official website to get a flavor of her drawing style and her sense of humor.

Barnyard Dance is featured in Sandra Boynton’s music album The Rhinoceros Tap. Check out song #10 to get a flavor of the music and the rhyme.

Other:This book is the winner of the 1994 Gold Medal from the National Parenting Publications Award.


B o o said...

Great review. Your reviews help me a lot as I know that the chances are great that Ashu will like them too. I just got "I dont want to go to bed" from Ashus school libaray. If not for Saffron Tree and all your contributions, it would be tough for me to choose books for Ashu from the hundreds of choices. Great work! :)

Praba Ram said...

Thanks UTBT for a heartwarming review. We have a few of her books - love her animal themed rhyming ones - read them to K and now reading to S - they are one of those giggle books everytime I read to them -We don't have this one, but will surely check it out from the library.

You might like to give this one a try - "If you give a mouse a cookie" by Laura Numeroff, and the whole series - If you give a pig a pancake, Moose a muffin and what not.. they are quite funny, and like those circular ones that keep going on and on..:-)

Meera said...

All Sandra Boynton books are my daughter's favorites. You have written a great review.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Boo.

Thanks Meera.

Praba, I have read Laura Numeroff for my four year old classroom. They are called 'cause and effect series'. Because, in a small way they books are intended to teach children cause and effect. The children love it and as you say, the books get a lot of giggles and when I come to the last page, they all chorus, '...there is a good chance he will ask you for a muffin/cookie/pancake...'. At home, I think, the kids are a little young. In a while....

Praba Ram said...


Had to share this with you..Following your review, we got this book two springs ago, for my little girl S, who was close to two then.
Would you believe if I told you this still remains one of her favorites SB books?(the other being blue hat green hat..Oops)...We have done a zillion read-togethersof both!! She is turning four in a couple of weeks, sigh. So, you know how much I can relate to a book being a favorite for two years. :) And I am still holding up fine after all the read-alouds.Such is the charm of her books.
Bottomline, sheer fun we've had reading her books. Love her whimsical animal illustrations and text that bounces off the page, always full of life! :)

utbtkids said...

Two years and still going strong?! :)

At home, my older one still remembers snippets. She sings it when she is playing.

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