Monday, December 10, 2007


LookyBook allows one to watch/view the entire picture book online. There are similar sites (especially a few libraries) which allow folks to see the entire picture book online. But, this site is lot more interesting and far better in quality. Another big advantage is that one could embed the book in a website. For example, I have embedded Istvan Banyai's wordless book - 'The Other Side' here.

One could also create bookshelves by adding various books from the website. A veritable feast for a person interested in picture books. A great way to go browse through various books before deciding to buy one. It is not a replacement for an actual book or cozying up with your child in the bed - but, it is definitely a great place to find new books and to share them. Probably a good way for websites like to this one to show readers the books that are currently being reviewed.


Tharini said...

Wow Sathish. That was a pretty neat find. I was fascinated to check out the book. Looks highly interesting! Always enjoy your picks for their unique appeal.

sathish said...

tharini.. This book 'the other side' is very intriguing.. I have not read the book - I would prefer this book on hand to figure it out.
very interesting concept is dealt in the book - not sure if a 5 year old would get it.. but, one would never know - a 5 year old usually surprises me with his/her understanding..

I will do a proper review after I have read the book - currently, I just wanted to point everyone to Lookybook.

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