Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No, David!

No, David! by David Shannon

How often do you as a parent say 'No!' to your kids. I am a big time culprit of saying 'No' to Sooraj and Shraddha. Well, no or the words equivalent to no is probably the most common word I end up using as a frustrated father. But, I wonder if I was just as infuriating, irksome and naughty as a kid? Nah! I was probably a very goody-goody kid. Probably
something that my parents and friends might not agree! :)

This book is a series of 2 page pictures depicting a rather naughty and hyper-active kid going about wrecking havoc in the home. While the kid is going about his innocent deeds, the rather frustrated mother keeps yelling at him - 'No, David!'.

The book starts off by saying -

David's mom always said...
No, David!

With the words 'No, David! being drawn on the wall by the protagonist, David.

After that it is a series of naughtiness and silliness as the kid embarks on one funny prank after another. He lets the water overflow from the bath room tub, runs naked on the streets, keeps banging his plate, makes fun toys with his food items - as the rather irritated mom keeps shouting at every page - 'Come back David', 'No David No!', 'David! Be Quiet' etc...

The illustrations of David working seriously on his pranks are depicted in child like fashion. The illustration are shown as if they were drawn by a 5 year old naughty kid - with bright red, green and yellow dominating. An extremely 2 page funny picture depicts David seriously putting his finger into his nose!, while is mom is yelling 'Stop this very instant!'. Sooraj found this very funny and he kept laughing continuously. Another one where David runs wild in the outdoors without any clothes on brought another bout of heavy laughter from Sooraj.

This is one of the books that Sooraj very easily relates to. Sooraj was so happy to see that there are other kids who have the same kind of naughty urges that he or Shraddha would have. Definitely one of his favourites.

By the way, did I mention that the author is David Shannon. Yes. It is based on the author himself. As per author the book is based on his own child hood book called 'No, David' that was illustrated with drawing that David wasn't supposed to do.

A great fun book. Go ahead, read it with your kids and howl with laughter and remember your own silly and funny antics that your parents frowned upon. It has loving ending too.


Anonymous said...

I have seen this book showcased in our library, but for some reason, wasnt tempted to pick it up. Thanks for the review - something tells me Kodi will relate it really well :)

utbtkids said...

This is an all time fav @ home. Mostly because my daughter's day care provider reads it to her in Spanish. She keeps telling 'No Daveed'. Well....apparently David id Daveed in Spanish. I was corrected by my daughter when I tried correcting her Daveed.

Sheela said...

Well, not that there's a dearth of good books, but, it is so much fun to "rediscover" the old faves with the younger one - and am on that high, so, forgive my bubbling effervescence here, Satish :)

Ana's favorite page was David playing with his food - she wanted baked potato with cheese (for his hair) and beans and whole baby corn for dinner one day and proceeded to make a figure much like what David does - works both ways, eh?!

Oggie's favorite page happens to be "Come back here, David!" where he runs off on the buff - "He naked!" is repeated fervently till I turn the page :)

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