Friday, March 20, 2009

World Storytelling Day

Today is World Storytelling Day. Each year has a theme around which the day is celebrated. This year, it is Neighbors. Wikipedia has more information about the history of the day itself, and you can find it here.

In a country like India, a land known for its tales and fables, story-telling is a tradition handed down from one generation to another. And probably, there is no need for a day marked especially for story-telling. Nevertheless, reading and access to books is certainly a dream that's far from reality for many children in India.

Thanks to the work of non-profits such as Pratham Books in creating awareness about reading and books, children growing up all across India have relatively easier access to good quality, yet inexpensive children's books in their schools and neighborhoods these days. Pratham (an imprint of Read India Books) celebrated the day by sharing three heartwarming stories with its readers - My Friends, Chuskit Goes to School, and City of Stories. An article about the stories and the significance of the day is featured here on Pratham's blog.

On an equally interesting note, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a classic children's book by Eric Carle was published on this very same day, forty years ago in 1969. We are so glad we got a chance to cocoon with the Caterpillar here on Saffron Tree. We all know Eric Carle's books are a classic. With a timeless and global appeal, his stories never cease to capture the imaginations of millions of children worldwide.(On a personal note, I was pleasantly surprised this morning to notice that even Google seems to be in love with the caterpillar and his favorite foods! :-))
Storytelling Day or not, let's continue to spread the joy of reading and keep alive the tradition of story-telling in our lives and our children's every single day.

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