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What is it about dinosaurs that they capture the imaginations of children?! One of the most popular exhibits in The Natural History Museum in London is the dinosaur gallery. There is a shop dedicated to dinosaur memorabilia which I always found crowded with kids and their parents. There are scores of dinosaur books as well.

The favourite one in these parts is Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitton. This book describes how a bunch of dinosaurs get together one by one and partaay!
Shake Shake Shudder
Near the sludgy old swamp
The dinosaurs are coming
Get ready to romp!
All is going great when there is a thunderous roar and who should gate-crash but the dreaded T-Rex himself! Everyone is petrified till they realise that the chap merely wants to join in the fun! The party continues..
It is a great book - has catchy rhyming lyrics, snazzy illustrations and folds in lots of details about every type of dinosaur.

The most popular dinosaur buddy has to be Harry of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs. Created by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds, Harry's little plastic models become real and this set of picture books is all about their adventures together. A cartoon television serial has also been made of this hugely popular character.

Then there is the How Do Dinosaurs..? series. A set of cute boardbooks for little dinomaniacs which talk about various things like cleaning up your room and learning to count.

And finally there is the awesome Robert Sabuda. Each of his books is a treat. The dinosaur one is especially a hit with dino-philes. Here is a link to the video of how the books are crafted.

Any dino-philes out there?!


sathish said...

Hi Choxbox,

Dinos and dragons are a great hit in our home too! I am dragon freak, so keep feeding my kids with dragon stories - all made up.

Thanks for these interesting pointers on the various Dino books.

I like you reviews - it is full interesting pointers and references. Another good one here.

sathish said...

also, there is the famous James gurney with his dinotopia series.

Although, I have not gone through his books, his blog is a great resource of dino-philes.

Choxbox said...

Thanks Sathish.

Would love to listen to the made-up stories - they are the funnest!

Will check out the James Gurney books and his blog - thanks again.

Poppins said...

We love love the How Do Dinousar series here at our place - I have a big paperback "How do Dinousaurs get well soon" A big hit what with all the dino names and pictures. Will check the other ones too.

I rather like your idea of doing a set of books on a topic.

Choxbox said...

Yes that one is part of the same series. I like how they put in the names :)

And thanks.

Sheela said...

ChoxBox, we have a budding Dino-phile in my daughter - and I can't keep up - am gonna hit you up for more - can you suggest facts-oriented rhyming Dino books with good illustrations? Thanks!!

artnavy said...

wow- i would have missed this during my maternity break last yr from blogs!!

How do one that I got is a paper back though....

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