Friday, October 30, 2009

The Peace Book (Re-visited)

Image credit: Todd Parr's website
Author/Illustrator: Todd Parr
Suggested Age Group: 4-8
Publisher, Year: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; Reprint April 1, 2009
Country/Continent: The Whole Wide World!


How do you explain peace to a four year old? With pizza, of course.

"Peace is having enough pizza in the world for everyone."

There, with that single line, you've offered a preschooler sized solution to the world hunger problem.

The beauty of Todd Parr's The Peace Book lies in conveying a complex message with such simplicity. He illustrates everyday activities that any young child can relate to such as making new friends, planting a garden, sharing a meal, watching the snow, that give you peace, that define peace. Peace, he says, is also "everyone having a home". Everyone is every one, as the illustration shows, a nest for a bird, a web for a spider, a circus tent for a clown. No one is left out.

If each of us practiced the acts of peace that Parr suggests, like keeping an open heart ("Peace is giving everyone a hug"), an open mind ("Peace is learning a new language"), and being at peace with ourselves, would that not multiply and compound to World Peace?

The success of the book lies in saying so much in so few words. Paired with bright, bold, cartoon like illustrations, it appealed to my 4 year old. That, and it inspired me to think of what peace meant to me now.

Peace is joining hands with a team of fantastic people from around the world to celebrate one common cause - Saffron Tree's third birthday.

What is peace to you?


Tharini said...

Peace to me is reading this brilliant, profound review in its simplest words. It gives immense peace to my heart.

Praba Ram said...

Peace to me is sharing the love of cultures, story-telling and reading a good doze of children's books as an adult! And echoing your peace sentiment about coming together on ST!:-)

That was lovely, KM!

SoulSpace said... about sharing and caring
Beautiful Topic to discuss with children...
Nice review...

SoulSpace said...

I love the pizza part..i'm sure that will appeal to kids as well

utbtkids said...

Spot on K's Mom :)

When every one has pizza, there sure is peace.

Meera Sriram said...

Peace to me is A newborn, innocent. Seeking nothing but A human bond.

I loved the ST context a lot as well:) Thanks KM!

Lavs said...

Excellent review....Peace to me is to accept the fact that i cannot change the world without changing my inner world.

I like the ST context also.

sathish said...

KM, like your reviews. the last days reviews revolving around sharing, and differences amongst us all is very nice.

ranjani.sathish said...

Kodi's mom
Lovely review and an apt end to CROCUS 2009 :-)

Sheela said...

Peace to me, at this moment, is knowing I have a good collection of book reviews handy at Saffron Tree so I don't have too look far to find books I'd like to read to my kids :)

Kodi's Mom, this is a gentle and mellow review for such a heavy idea, thanks!

Choxbox said...

Seen this book, loved it!

And nice review!

Poppy said...

Very very nice, I need to dig up the other review too (Meera's) it should be an interesting read.

Poppins said...

Came back to say is Peace is a cup of coffee and a great book while the kids are playing quietly by themselves :)

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