Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to CROCUS 2009!

The clock strikes 12 in the United States where this giving tree was born three years ago. And today will also be the birth of our first book festival - CROCUS.

Announcing the offical start of CROCUS 2009 at Saffron Tree! Welcome one and all! No passport needed, just join the magic ride across the globe!

And what better way to flag off the joy of reading and books than a play with words? Presenting CROCUSWORD - a crossword puzzle for all!

Meera Sriram has compiled a crossword for all you readers, with simple clues leading to words related to Saffron Tree and children's literature - words that you find inside of our blog and/or about kiddie books!

Do it yourself or with your kids! Print it out or do it in your head! But be sure to email your answers to The answers can be just words in an email. The first MOST correct entry wins a wonderful book! The contest ends at 12 midnight on Thursday, October 29th. Winners will be announced on Friday, 30th of October - the last day of CROCUS 2009!

Good luck and have fun!!!


2. Dress us in a different hat, to get his name right off the bat! (2, 5)

5. The bug, the caterpillar and the bear, for example, all belong to him (4, 5)

7. This always calls for a celebration, here at Saffron Tree – time for a book on recycling may be (5, 3)

9. You wait with flowers, for something new might happen every time this letter is delivered (10)

10. Are men killed, without ed, brutally, in this big publishing house? No. (4, 6)


1. A ……………. called moonlight. There seems to be many books here about this domestic pal! (6)

3. If you can get past the stigma you can spice things up with this (7)

4. I go blind crazily every time I see this award! (8)

6. The confounded cattle doc managed to get the medal for his book (9)

8. Books from this Indian publisher, galore here (6)


sathish said...

good one meera. I know the answers for a few of them.. still trying to figure out the others..

Choxbox said...

good one meera.
done 7 out of the 10. going nuts over the other three!

Poppy said...

Nice one Meera, am working on it ! :)

utbtkids said...

Mee too working om it.
Since I am fourth to comment and I have done only four, should I say me four :)

Anusha said...

Happy Birthday ST!!
Cool crossword, Meera! I'm on it :)

Praba Ram said...

CROCUSSWORD looks wonderful, M!
Great start for CROCUS 2009!

Happy Birthday, ST!!

one little request to our readers...would love to see all your comments showing us your support for ST and CROCUS 2009!
Thank you so much!

Kavitha said...

Delurking to say "Happy Birthday" Saffron Tree !! It's been a pleasure reading you.

Good crossword.. working on it !

the mad momma said...

Happy Budday ST!!! :) Here's to many more.

ranjani.sathish said...

Very good Crossword Meera...breaking my head over a few !

Tharini said...

Happy Birthday my dearest ST! This is an emotional moment! *sniff*

Meera Sriram said...

Happy Birthday dear ST! A big group hug!

Thank you all, glad you like the crossword!

Reva said...

Happy Birthday ST..

Here's to many many more.. :)

B o o said...

Happy Birthday, ST. We love you!! :)
Meera - LOVED the crossword. Think about going professional?! :)

Meera Sriram said...

Thanks Boo. Very glad to hear that you liked it! I had a small stint with editing some xword at a pro-level sometime ago, but could not afford the time later. However, a friend to whom I had introduced the "art" and of cracking it is now the complier of one of the leading newspapers in India and that makes me happy:)))

utbtkids said...

I am stuck at 4 down.

Actually, I was stuck in many places, 5 to be precise, but who is counting?

Called Boo and told her, 'let us discuss our answers'. (She had all 10 and I had 5, what is there to discuss beats me!) and managed to move up to 'stuck at only 4 down'

Talk abt tricksters n:)

the mad momma said...

utbt - boo ALWAYS has the answers to everything. I once told her that she could rule the world if she put her mind to it. She glared at me because her mother has said the same thing to her too often!

B o o said...

Oy MM. shush now. stop embarrassing me in public comment space!! :)

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