Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Success Of CROCUS 2009

The curtains on CROCUS fell down last Friday. It has been a quiet weekend here. As for us under the Saffron Tree, we are exhausted from all the excitement, the writing, the reading (of books and of reviews). Tired from the process itself, and even from making multiple trips to the library! But somehow there is still more than adequate adrenaline left in us to come back and write about a good book that we've just enjoyed with our own children. How so? Because, when we did what we did the past week, we seem to have affected the choices people made when they looked around for a book. A story, a concept, a message. And here is how we found that out.

A storyteller stopped by and told us...

This story is a great one for me to adapt into a puppet show...thanks

The whole essence of this Festival is the various perspectives we are getting from people who are passionate about books and children! This is true integration of diversity...

And some wonderful authors amazed us with their kind words -

I loved ur interview with katia..And your CROCUS week--what a terrific idea - (Uma Krishnaswami in an email)

I hope there are some editors out there reading this, and maybe we can finally help them understand how our Third Culture Kids need to have books that mirror some of their experiences. And what an awesome selection of great books ! - Katia Novet Saint-Lot

Thanks so much for writing about my book in such a thoughtful way. When I wrote Calabash Cat, I never realized the philosophical implications of a cat who sets out to find the end of the world. I was merely writing about traveling. - (an excerpt from James Rumford's email)

While some could not wait to read the book, some decided to re-read the book!

I have read this book sometime back and had loved it ... but your review makes me want to re-read it !- Cantaloupes.Amma

You make me want to go out and grab the book...RIGHT NOW!! - Mamma Mia! Me a mamma?

Beautiful, beautiful book! My kids and I love it..we will read it again tonight - Prita

Some patted our backs...

Dear team ST..This week has been wonderful what with all these stories from all over the world. I can't wait for the day when my two year old and I will read all these together! I am already looking forward to tomorrow's book! - Hema

WOW!! Wow! Simply wow! Standing ovation to whoever came up with the thought of taking the readers through this multi cultural joy ride around the globe. And to the contributors. Fabulous job. Amazing picks. Thank You. -DD MOM

And some left us inspired with their presence!

Thank you all at Saffron Tree for supporting our small team at Lama Mani Books. It's great to be on the map as part of CROCUS 2009! And congratulations to you all for putting it together - it's absolutely fantastic! - Aravinda Anantharaman

The laurels of CROCUS and of Saffron Tree rest on you, on what you have to say to us! And all we can say, still holding on to a good book, is THANK YOU :)


Sheela said...

"...there is still more than adequate adrenaline left in us to come back and write about a good book that we've just enjoyed with our own children."

Very true, Meera. I am already looking forward to sharing a few books here that my kids and I have enjoyed recently, post-CROCUS!

Praba Ram said...

what a neat way to present the comments! Nice to look back on the words of all the wonderful people that stopped by and read what they had to say!

Would be nice to link as a sidebar object - CROCUS 2009 - what people had to say, kind.

What do you say?

Thanks, M!

Tharini said...

very very lovely. You've written this so well Meera. As always. :)

Uma said...

Catching up a bit late on CROCUS - just read all the posts. That's great effort and lots of interesting take aways for the likes of me...
Btw, this post sounds sooo 'from the heart' :) Nice writing.

Meera Sriram said...

Sheela: I have a line-up as well:)
Praba: Yes, the idea sounds good!
Tharini - Thank you! Touched.
Uma - Thanks; yes, it was indeed from in there:)

Hema said...

If I keep coming back to Saffron Tree it is not only for the books but also for thoughts like those expressed in this post. Though my contribution till date was only reading and leaving an odd comment, I was thrilled to find that odd comment finding a mention. You made my day Meera! Looking forward to more books and reviews...

AverageJane said...

I'm late but better late than never. :) Thank you all very much for doing this. Wonderful job! I finally read up on all the reviews and each one sounds delicious. I also searched and saved the list on Amazon. :) (Did not find two I think)

Anusha said...

great round-up Meera!

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