Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Westing Game

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

Ages 9-12

One of J's current favorite books is The Westing Game which she read as part of a school reading group.I asked her what makes this book so special and her short answer was "'cause". It was not very helpful, so I pressed for details.

Some reasons why J would recommend this book to kids her age are 
  •  If you like any kind of mystery stories, you might enjoy reading The Westing Game because it has suspense that stays until the surprising end.
  • If you like solving puzzles with clues, this is a book for you !
  • If you like figuring things out by yourself before they are told (and explained) to you, you will probably like this book.
Here is a short summary (no spoilers) of the book in J's words:

It is believed that Samuel Westing was murdered by one his sixteen heirs. "The Westing Game" is a game that Sam Westing created by giving each pair of heirs a set of words or "clues" that would help them find out the answer to the question "Who killed Sam Westing ?"

To say more would be to give away the story. So, do go ahead and read the book yourself.

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Anonymous said...

This book seems the right book for my 9yr old. Thanks!

sathish said...

Sounds very interesting. Thank you Heartcrossing for writing about this.

Heartcrossings said...

exlporekids, sathish - Thanks, hope the kids enjoy the book !

Tharini said...

Intriguing! It will be a while before we come to something like this, given the age of my kids, but just wanted to say that I loved hearing your daughter's opinion of the book and that you pressed for it. :) Very sweet.

utbtkids said...

Kids have to wait for another five or so years, but I can read it right now ;)

Choxbox said...

Sounds like it will appeal to my 9 yr old. Will try and hunt it out here.

Praba Ram said...

Indeed intriguing. Thanks, HC! The source link to the image seems interesting too. Will dig in.

Choxbox said...

Found this book today and yes HC, it got a thumbs-up in these parts as well.

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