Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not a Box

Not a Box
by Antoinette Portis

Ages : 3-7 and on...

[Experienced and reviewed by Praba here.]

It has happened so many times at home with the boys. Where one of them picks up the toilet paper holder in his hand and tells me its a mike to sing into. Or when one of them gets into the big large toy tunnel we have, with the other pulling him along, and it is actually a train with many stops along the way. I see it all the time, when their imagination converts the simplest everyday object and becomes a whole new thing with a whole new dimension of possibility. And that is the concurrent theme of Not a Box as well.

What looks deceptively like a box, morphs into a race car, a mountain peak, a building on fire, a robot suit, a hot air balloon, a mount on top of an elephant....and...you get the drift. The rabbit at every turn keeps telling us that it is not a box. Then what is it, we wonder...and we get our answer at the very end....its my not-a-box. Which is like the most fitting finale to such strong imagination. Why is it necessary for everything to have a name, when it can be the not-a-name?

Not a Stick
by Antoinette Portis

Ages : 3-7 and on..

This is the follow-up to Not a Box, and another imaginative adventure, where a stick is a stick and not just a stick. Can you imagine all the things a stick could become now? :) I will not let the stick poke the fun out of the box, by spelling it all out.

Instead, I will tell you about the stark simplicity of the illustrations by the author, where less is truly more and sharp, clear images on plain white backgrounds create the maximum impact of visual enjoyment.

This author is already a favorite on ST, with the beauty of her A Penguin Story already captured here by Kodi's Mom.

This series of books has potentially triggered another winter game and art activity hereabouts. Where boredom can be dispelled by a flick of that not-a-stick and other everyday objects that we see, can morph into the wildest, funniest things, making life...just a little bit more interesting!


Choxbox said...

Wow. Sounds good!

Anusha said...

we heart Antoinette Portis :) both these not-just-another-book are all-time favorites with the dreamer in the house!

Meera Sriram said...
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Meera Sriram said...

Cool! Totally 'out-of-the-box" books and I love such books. We play the "preten-with-a-prop" game all the time at home (my fav one is how the 2 sit on a balloon and 'lay an egg":)) Thanks T for presenting these 2 books.

Meera Sriram said...

Test comment.

utbtkids said...

Very cute book. Just finished reading it. Amazing how adults try coloring the child's world and how the children are so-out-of-the-box :)

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