Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kaka and the Mouse

from The Mouse Stories- A Kardi Tales Junior Audio book
Written by Pankaja Srinivasan
Art by Malavika P. C.
Narrated by Karthik Kumar ( Evam)
Music by Anil Srinivasan

Karadi Rhymes were the first rhymes that our daughter, Anushka was introduced to as a baby. The same applies to our second born, Aditi. Five years of being Karadi fans and they still entertain us. I was even more eager to listen/ look at this audiobook series because two of our friends from B-School worked on it.

The protagonist of the series is a mouse. Despite being unwelcome in most homes, mice are often the unlikely heroes in children's fiction. Be it Mickey or Jerry or more recently Ratatouille, mice are often endearing and always victorious.

Each episode in this Karadi series, comprises of familiar tales but with a twist introduced into them.

In this one, The Thirsty Crow has to be doubly ingenious with the introduction of a mouse fighting for its life, in the pot of water the crow finds.

While I would shudder to find anything in my water, this Kaka is accommodating and helpful and the mouse is mighty resourceful and persistent. After various valiant attempts, they succeed and the adventure ends on a happy high.

The music is lovely and the narration sounds very Indian- English. Easy to relate to and to follow.

The illustrations, the colours are dramatic and very energetic. The crow with its toucan like beak is very expressive indeed.

The fonts are engaging, filled with onomatopoeiac words, often adding a sense of drama, making for easy and enjoyable reading. After a couple of times, Anushka wanted to read the book herself, rather than with the CD!

The others tales in the series include The lion and the mouse, Bablu and the mouse , Kutty and the......yes, you got it!


Karadi Tales said...

Squeak squeak! Thanks for this! :-)

Mama - Mia said...


i dont think one can enough of em, Karadi tales!

you know very often i feel that CD becomes redundant after a few times and kids LOVE to look at the books by themselves and eventually read em too! :)

we are tripping on Little Vinayak these days! i lauuuu the story! :)



artnavy said...

Keep up the good work Karadi and do start afterschool in Blore

Abha- i need to get that one after your solid recco of it

Choxbox said...

Thanks for this Art, sounds good!

(pun unintended)

sathish said...

Art, the cover looks very enticing and says 'pick me up'.

Vibha said...

Lovely Art! We are big fans of Karadi stories/rhymes. Will pick up this one too.

Praba Ram said...

karadi rhymes are irresistible. will check this one out! thanks!

Sheela said...

Oh, after the success of Lizard's Tail and Little Vinayak, not to mention Karadi Rhymes 1 and 2 in our household, with Lizard's Tail a firm favorite even after a hundred reads/listens over this Summer, I can't wait to check these out! Thanks artnavy!

artnavy said...

There are so many mouse books on ST itself.I was just observing the related links pics. But each one is unique and special.

Yeah- all of u shld check it out- the lion one was not available but the illustartions (on the link in this post)are fantabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Karadi, Karthik, Anil & Maloos:)

BookChook said...

The illustrations have such character and humour! Thanks for sharing this one in the I Can Read Carnival.

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