Saturday, October 23, 2010


Crack the Crocus Code!

Now that the party has started, don’t even think you can kick back and relax! Let’s get you warmed up for all that travel ahead, you know, flex the mind, get the juices flowing, the senses all perky…

Here is how-

I have jumbled up some letters for you in utter disorder. Unscramble each set to make meaningful words, ALL related to BOOKS! Then, grab the ones inside the circles and rearrange them to reveal this year’s message for Crocus!

If you can get a kid to team up, we’d love it even more! It's been cooked up with the younger brains in mind.

Email your answers to The first entry with MOST correct answers – words AND end message will get to pick ONE book from all the Crocus 2010 reviews and actually own it (subject to availability)!! Scrumptious, uh?

It gets even better, there is a consolation prize this year for the second best entry! If you are trying to guess how much more creative the prizes can get, it’s a no-brainer actually. The consolation prize will be a copy of Dinaben and the Lions of Gir, signed by the authors:)

Do not forget to add your name in the email. Please limit one entry per person or team. Contest closes at 7pm GMT on October 30, 2010. The winner will be announced when the curtains on Crocus 2010 come down. The prizes will be mailed to the winners, in whatever corner of the world you are hiding, in November 2010.

Now, stop drooling and get cracking!

Good luck!




artnavy said...

Lovely Lovely!! ST member's family can participate?

sathish said...

Nice one Meera. Sooraj wanted a print out so that he can try.

I will let you know how he fares.

Meera Sriram said...

Thanks Art and Sathish.
Art: The immediate family that supports all our crocus work plays host. Extended family can send in entries!
Sathish: Great!That's the whole point:) You can give him verbal clues for the words, if he has trouble with any.

Praba Ram said...

Simply awesome, M! It was lot of fun cracking. K enjoyed it thoroughly! Being one of the members of the immediate family, I guess we only get to solve, sit back and watch the fun! :)

sandhya said...

Now if only I get enough time in today's mad schedule to try my and A's hand at this. I'll sign up for a late entry, Meera!

Having a marathon look through all posts while I can.

Anusha said...

we are on it!

Anuradha Shankar said...

this was wonderful!! had a lot of fun solving it....

the mad momma said...

i've been restraining myself from doing this. had a blast cracking it but its only fair to give non-STer's a shot

Choxbox said...

echo sandhya. looks interesting!

Meera Sriram said...

Thank you all! Very glad that to know kids and adults are on it:)
Praba, High-five to K!
Sandhya & KM, do send them to me whenever you are done.
Anu, Chox,TMM - Thank you,thank you:)

Sheela said...

Nice one, M! Thanks!

Simran said...

Ooh! this wa so mych fun :) loved doing it and cracking my head over the words and the end message. Thanks Meera have sent an email to you. Looking forward to more fun in CROCUSWORD!! :)

Arundhati said...

Had great fun, thanks Meera :)

Meera Sriram said...

Thanks Sheels.

@Simran:Thanks for the email. Happy to hear you had fun with it!

@Arundhati:Your welcome. And thanks for stopping by!

All, keep the answers coming...a contest is always fun! Send me your answers and your thoughts!

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