Wednesday, November 17, 2010

King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub

King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub
Written by: Audrey Wood
Illustrated by: Don Wood
Ages: 4-104

I saw this book somewhere in the middle of a pile of books at a used books sale. The illustration on the cover was enough to know that this one was a winner. And what a riot it is! The copy I picked came with a CD with the most amazing songs - one for each page. The book has been a TOTAL hit in these parts, if you ever come across it just shut your eyes and grab it with all your limbs!

King Bidgood’s Page is complaining to us - the King has been in his bath tub for ever now, the poor chap has been hauling hot water all the way up to the top of the castle all day to keep the tub water nice and warm. He is exhausted while the king is merrily singing and having a ball. King Bidgood’s in the bathtub and he won’t come out, who knows what to do, asks the Page.

The Knight steps in. He informs the King that it was time for battle. The King jovially agrees and says ‘Today we battle in the bathtub!' The next scene is sure to lead to much laughter - the hapless knight is also inside the bathtub and waging a mock war with the King with toy soldiers, canons, ships and even a miniature castle. The illustrations are mind-blowing - each worth a place on a display wall. Finally the Knight gets out, soaked to the bone and in a state of resignation.

The Page once again asks for help - does anyone what to do? The Queen decides she has to do something and declares - its time for lunch. The King gleefully rubs his hands and says ‘Today we lunch in the bathtub!' The lavish spread of sumptuous roasts and delicious desserts is plonked right in the bathtub with the king enjoying the fare delightedly, while the queen is cross about her hard work going down the drain quite literally.

Next the Duke responds to the Page’s pleas and comes forward. He tries to tempt the King out by telling him that they should go for fishing together. The King jumps at the idea and says (you guessed it!) - 'Today we fish in the bathtub!’ The Duke is shown sitting in the bathtub, with toads and bait worms and snails covering him while the King is enjoying a spot of fishing right there!

Finally the whole Court decides to take matters in its hand. They invite the King to attend the Masquerade with them. And yes, the next thing you know the entire Court is in the bathtub, stepping over each other, bending backwards to not fall out and generally getting completely squished while the King is merrily dancing!

They all give up and ask in unison - who knows what to do?

The Page has had enough apparently. He says he does know what to do - and does it.

Can you guess what?!


artnavy said...

I got this at the book fair , did you?

starry eyed said...

Oh gosh, I saw this, but didn't pick it up, as I was pretty loaded down with books by then :) Sounds hilarious!

utbtkids said...

I remember reading this book couple of years back. Well enjoyed at home.

Also by Audrey Wood and Don Wood, The Napping house in beautiful illustration and cumulative story telling style. This book comes back with us every other trip from the library :)

Do get the book if you can lay hands on it.

Choxbox said...

Art: No, had got it a few months back. Still is the top 10 list!

Starry: Oh dear. Will pick it for you IF I manage to go again and spot it.
Btw what do you think the Page did?! Go on tell me!

utbt: Thanks for the link - The Napping House seems awesome. Have come across a couple of other books illustrated by Audrey Wood, she creates such delightful illustrations - you can go back again and again to them, and find a new interesting detail.

Praba Ram said...

LOL!! The girls have many bathtub battles..the book sure sounds like it will suit their personalities well. :) Thanks, Chox!

These days, the four year old and I are reading The Alphabet Mystery at bedtime also by Audrey Wood. It's kinda cute - the story centers around little x who sets off on his own feeling lonely and left-out, and all his alphabet buddies zoom off on a pencil to find him...( the pencil becoming a rocket was the cutest part...the girls laughed over my silly imagination - when I was 4/5, I thought those planes with white bodies and red tails, parked in Meenabakkam were giant-sized flying colgate toothpaste tubes!!! :)))

Choxbox said...

*that should read Dan Wood. Today is my Gaffes Day!


sandhya said...

Hey, had read this a few years back with A, and loved it. Great review!

Harini Gopalswami Srinivasan said...

Pulls the plug? What a halarious book and review -- it shall be my first buy at the book fair!

Choxbox said...

S: You must listen to the songs then. Will do the needful!

Harini: Bingo! He did pull the plug!
My lil one asked why the Page did not do that in the first place and why he waited till the end of the book to pull it! Also she wanted to know why the king didn’t have ‘crinkled skin’ like she does if she so much as even keeps her fingers in water for too long!

Would love to know what you think of the book when you get a copy.

Vibha said...

sounds very interesting and hilarious Chox.

Choxbox said...

Vibs: It is indeed :)

Meera Sriram said...

We read this recently Chox, and we thoroughly enjoyed it - the girl giggled all through it and I could not take my eyes off of the illustrations!

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