Monday, May 30, 2011

Teddy Robinson Stories

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Written and illustrated by Joan G. Robinson
Published by Kingfisher Classics.
Ages 6-9yrs

All children have a favourite among their toys. One toy that they love and cherish the most. So much so that it assumes a persona, and is elevated to the statues of a he or a she. Given a name, sometimes even becoming a part of the family, and given the family name.

Teddy Robinson is one such bear, belonging to a little girl, Deborah. She takes him everywhere, to her friends' places, on shopping trips, on visits to the park, to her dancing class, for a stay at the hospital when Deborah has to go in for some tests, on a holiday to the beach, and of course cuddling up with him at night. We also have the adventure of how Teddy Robinson came to be in a book!

They have many adventures together, and even animated conversations- all of which, as Deborah (now grown up) says in her foreword, were all her imagination and play-acting that her mother Joan has written down as if it were all real. She has narrated the stories with such skill that it all sounds so spontaneous; Teddy Robinson seems so alive to us it takes us a while to catch on that he makes no movement anytime at all.

The stories remind one irresistably of another classic collection of bear stories- Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner, by A.A.Milne, which were also meant initially as bedtime stories about his favourite toy bear for his son, Christopher Robin. Just as easily, gently and indolently told. Another writer the stories remind one of is Enid Blyton, with her Amelia Jane books and her Tales of Toyland.

Certainly a book that will become just as beloved.    


Choxbox said...

Came across one of these recently S, what a coincidence. Did not pick it up as I did not have time to browse - will do ASAP now. Thanks, and our reading life would ceratinly be duller w/o you around!

sandhya said...

Just wanted to add that these stories were first published in a post-WW2 Britain, in the early 50s, and have that old world charm of writers of that time.

Also, flipkart features an international edition of the book, priced at Rs 800 plus even after discount- one of those rare instances of flipkart selling at a higher price than stores. One would do well to look in stores, where the paperback edition is printed in India, and priced much lower- almost 60% less.:)

And Choxbox: You are being too kind. Do pick it up for your younger one- else can lend you my copy. A has read and re-read it many times since she read it first at 7 yrs.

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