Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art & Craft I : Celebrating 'Water'

Now time to gear up for another round of goodies!! This CROCUS, for the first time, we are presenting a segment called "Art & Craft". Five different project ideas for you and your children! Thematically divided, water is the first element in nature we want to showcase and show our gratitude to.

Try the different craftsy delights that our team members Vibha Sharma and Anusha have lovingly put together just for you! Now, here's the real icing on the cake...Illustrator, Lavanya Karthik's colouring sheets are a treat you simply don't want to miss...wherever you are in the world! Six colouring sheets just for your children to color/paint on!

Print the COLOURING sheets out, and have your children gather their art and craft supplies! When they are done, send us the pictures (in .JPG format with your child's name, city and age) to The CROCUS gallery will be up on the closing day! (30th of Oct)

We just can't wait to have your child part of CROCUS!

Now, here's the flyer colouring sheet for your children to work on..Yummy, isn't it?

Click below to view/print the image in larger size.

And here's the COLOURING sheet for today's theme - i.e. WATER!

Kiddos, splash, dash and dive in with your crayons, markers, colour pencils! :)

Brighten up the two sheets with brilliant colors, and have the grown-ups email back to us.



Here are some ideas for shell art activities: How about making some bracelets/friendship bands with assorted colourful shells?!

Make use of various shells to create different patterns and shapes - a clown, a butterfly, a turtle, an army of snails, a caterpillar, a cat...

Decorate the picture frames for the personalized touch.

Create a tribal or village scene by using shells as dresses or ornaments of people.

Two different models of cars (complete initiative of two young minds in action at home)

Some more...

1. Small possession boxes can be decorated with the shells

2. Simply paint and colour the shells and keep them in the show case

3. Shells can be used in making wind chimes


Meera Sriram said...

Wow..blown away by the shell art! What a treat! Thanks ladies, the effort shines through....

ranjani.sathish said...

OMG...I never realised that we could do so mnay things with the shells ! The next time I stumble on the shells in the beach, all these wonderful images will flash in my mind:-).

Brilliant work Vibha and Anusha !

Lavanya, time to take the printout for my little one, who is obsessed with drawing and coluring !

Praba Ram said...

Lovely guys!

Something about coloring on a sheet created by an artist herself,as opposed to, say Nick Jr or Disney!Right? More power to the brush! :)

Vibha - the Shell Craft is awe-inspiring! The turtle & butterfly are adorable!

Will have the kids give it a shot, esp to celebrate the simple fact that the older one has pretty much collected a gazillion shells all through her childhood from the different beaches we have visited...

actually your shell craft gives me another idea - to make a simple scrap book of shells with the names of beaches below and a photograph! :)

Now funny to see the little one joining in with her sister who is still going strong with shell-collecting at 9 and a half! We walk back home with a handful each weekend...

simple, connect-with-nature kind of play is priceless...I totally agree with what Mrs.Diaz said in her interview... everything can be a toy in nature for children.

Thanks, Vibha & Lavanya!

Anusha said...

Vibha - love the shell art, very creative, we have a lot of shells from our summer beach trips that will be put to good use, thanks to you.
Lavanya - the coloring sheets are awesome, will get the boys on it right away.
Kudos to both of you on this post, you've got us off on a fantastic artsy start!

utbtkids said...

V and A!!!!

This is terrific. I have a shell obssesed five year old. Will share it with her. Hopefully she creates something from the 8 boxes of shells we have!

Vibha said...

Thanks all of you :) I feel shell art or any art/craft for that matter is a kind of therapeutic activity.

You feel completely immersed in them and such activities have the way of uplifting the spirits.

Lavanya ~ As Praba mentioned, there is uniqueness in colouring the sheets created by an artist. Have printed two sets of the sheets for the young artists at home :)

sandhya said...

Wow! This is just in time for the Diwali holidays!

Choxbox said...


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