Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Craft III: Celebrating 'Air'

Whee...whoosh, we go with the AIR COLOURING SHEET! Let the little fingers play with it! And send it back to us at!

The essence of air is in how it never stays in the same place, in its mobility and in move-ability. We tried to capture this through a simple craft - a homemade windmill. Here is our spin on it...

Gather your materials -A square piece of paper - smaller and lighter the better; paint, crayons, markers - anything to decorate with, pushpin, and a pencil with an eraser at the end.

Color and decorate both sides of the paper as you wish

Join the bottom right corner with the top left and crease the fold. Open the fold, do the same with the bottom left corner and top right, you'll end up with a creased X at the center of the paper. Cut along the crease leaving a couple of square inches at the center. You should end up with four triangles like this, joined at the center.

Now lift the right end of each triangle and bring to the center.

Repeat for all four corners. Holding them down, place the eraser end of the pencil behind the center and insert a pushpin on the front.

That's it! Time to take it for a whirl!


Vibha said...

Anusha, this is a great craft idea. We are going to try it today and will send you the pics too :) Thanks for the step by step instructions.

Choxbox said...


ranjani.sathish said...

lovely simple craft idea. Thanks for this Anusha !

sathish said...

Anusha, lovely and simple. I am loving the arts and crafts section of this year's CROCUS.

Anusha said...

thank you, all, would love to see your handmade windmills!

sandhya said...


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