Sunday, October 23, 2011


This year Crocusword is taking you back in time! Travel back to when pictograms were commonly used to communicate. In modern times, they are also called Rebuses. Rebus is a combination of symbols, pictures, letters, and numbers that take the place of words. A brainteaser, it is a wonderful pastime for kids! A few examples of rebus puzzles below –

MOONCEON => Once in a blue moon
GR + 8 => Great

You get the idea, right? RIGHT?

WHAT now?

Below are 10 rebus clues inside 10 boxes . The answers are simply words or idioms or phrases. Remember, every answer will include the name of ONE and only one element of nature – WATER, AIR, SPACE, FIRE, or EARTH - the five elements being our theme for this year as Saffron Tree turns five! There is also an End Message. Decode the message to find out what this year’s Crocus is all about!

We think the standard of the puzzle is suitable for children 6-12 years. But any child outside this age group can also participate. Child-teams are ok, but you will have to share the prize - deal?

Please send in your answers - all 11 of them, including the End Message to

By 4pm Pacific Time, on SUNDAY OCTOBER 30th 2011

And by the way, WHY?
Because this year the winner will get to pick FOUR Pratham titles from the entire list of Pratham books reviewed in the past on Saffron Tree! And the second winner will get TWO titles from the entire list as well! Wherever you are in the world!!

You can find the books and reviews here. Most of them are nature-themed! The titles you choose will be sent subject to availability.

Pratham's work in spreading early literacy through books and reading is something we have fondly admired on Saffron Tree. Many many books from Pratham have been devoured by our own children, giving us more reason to share them with our readers.

And because we love children and our readers very much, both the first and the second winners can also count on receiving a copy of “Subbu the Signal”, also from Pratham, and written by our resident authors Meera Sriram & Praba Ram.

…all won’t get the goodies, you ask? Because you need to be the one to send in the MOST CORRECT ANSWERS (including the End Message) before the deadline. If there is more than one most-correct entry, then there will be a draw to pick out the winner and the runner-up among them. So bring out your lucky charm as well!

**Psst**If you send an answer alternate to what we have, and if it is still valid, it will be considered correct! However, it will be left to our discretion. And as we never forget the cliché every year, our decision for the winners is final.

Now enough of those questions and get cracking! Come back to Crocusword again at 8pm Pacific Time, on October 30th 2011 to see if you got it right and got lucky!
GOOD LUCK kiddos from all of us at SaffronTree!


REBUS PUZZLE FOR CROCUS 2011 - Click to view or print out.


Praba Ram said...

REBUS sounds very intriguing & mystical and perfectly in-sync with the theme! Thanks for this stimulating treat!

Time to give those long-unused gray cells a nice REBUS work-out! Grown-ups, let's go grab our li'l ones!:)

Choxbox said...

Sounds interesting. Could get a few, will give it another go :)

sandhya said...

Wow! That's interesting.

Arundhati said...

The clues are very well thought-out, methinks :)
Done and email sent!

Anusha said...

very nice Meera, a lot of thought must have gone into it! I'm sure my 6yo would love to get a crack at it. I'm holding myself back from sending my own solutions :)

Meera Sriram said...

Thanks everyone! The responses are coming in...:)

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