Monday, November 14, 2011

A story by a 10 yr old, illustrated by a 6 yr old!

A, my 10 yr old, has always been big on books and stories. Like all kids, she is also extremely curious about everything around her. This, coupled with a hyperactive imagination, has spawned quite a few stories. She has been writing since she was just 4-5 yrs, the early efforts being not much than a few lines, sometimes with improbable plots, and unintelligible logic. As her mother, all her stories are to me wonderful. They are certainly getting into better form lately.

Here's one that she wrote a few months back, and I'm very proud to share it with all of you as part of this Children's Day celebrations. The illustrations are by another SaffronTree kid, the extremely talented artist Anushka, Artnavy's six-year-old, who just sat down with her colours and drew them as soon as she read the story.

I chose this story because it fits in well with our Five Elements theme that we had for CROCUS just gone by. Obviously, the story has been inspired by Rudyard Kipling's 'Just So Stories.'  As also by the fairy tale 'Henny Penny' and all the fantasy fiction that A loves. The words, format and grammar is all A's, with no editing from my side.

So here goes!


Long long ago, when there was hardly anything on earth, a little shoot emerged from the ground. It had only a single green leaf. It was the first life form seen in the Thra-Thago desert. The sun realised that there was no one to care for the new shoot.

"Who will help me give it food?" he asked.
"Not us," said the stars.
"Not I," said the moon.
"Then who will help me?"
"Do it yourself," came the reply.

The sun was now alone, for the stars and moon had left.

So, the sun sent one of his ray-messengers to search for someone else who might help. At last, after a couple of weeks, the ray came back with some clouds from above the faraway sea of Brimbleting.

The sun shone down on the shoot and the clouds sprayed water on it. They did this everyday.

The plant grew rapidly. One day, they noticed something. A flower, with seven petals, each a different colour. After a few days, the petals withered and fell off. Inside, they found a minute and colourful fruit.

Another couple of weeks passed. Then came the special day. The fruit popped open. Something came out. It was a small bird with the same colours as the flower.

As it flew, it arched over the sun and clouds, and left behind it a stream of colours. This was the first rainbow.

Every time the sun and clouds are out together, the clouds spraying water, the rainbow bird makes another rainbow. Just like it had, long, long ago.

Story copyright held by A. Crossposted.


Artnavy said...

I loved the story. A is delightful.
The desert name, the concept are so lovely... just perfect for Crocus 2011...

Viji said...

What an imagination! Beautiful story A...
Wow!!! Anushka you are a super cool artist.

ranjani.sathish said...

As I said earlier also, it is a wonderful story by A and such lovely illustrations by Anushka !

Artnavy said...

Thanks Viji and Ranjani

Srivathsan said...

Hey Anush! This is lovely! Awesome work! :)

Vibha said...

Loved the story S. And Anushka has very neatly captured the story in her pictures.

Artnavy said...

Thanks Srivathsan and Vibha.

sandhya said...

Thanks, Art, Vibha, Ranjani, Viji and Srivathsan.

Choxbox said...

Awesome, for the (n+1)th time!

Arundhati said...

Thoroughly impressed by her imagination. The simplicity of the idea and coherence are what make it brilliant IMO. An Eric Carle in the making!

Loved the rainbow bird drawing by the other A too :)

Anonymous said...

Wowing at the story and illustration!!!
Wowing more at the 2 kids!!!
Wowing even more at the moms of the 2 kids!!!
Way to go A and Anush


sandhya said...

@Chox: :)I know of two other kids who are more than awesome- Love that they and A are so close.:)

@Arundhati:Thanks. (Eric Carle? You are too kind!)
What I love is her pleasure in writing these stories.

@Swapna:Thanks. Great to have you comment here. Have sent you a mail.:)

Vidya said...

The imagination of both the kids are so vivid and brilliant! Loved the story and Anushka's illustrations to go with it!

Artnavy said...

Thanks All for the encouraging words to the kids

I think A shld submit to the Hindu Writing contest I saw today in the paper....

Lavs said...

How did I miss this? The story is logical(I always look for this aspect) and pictures convey it beautifully. Pls hug the 10yr old and 6 yr old for me. Clap Clap Clap

sandhya said...

Thanks, Vidya, Lavs. Hug given!

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