Thursday, January 05, 2012

The World of Anahi and Vir

Author- Kalpana Subramanian
Illustrator- Prashant Miranda
Publisher- Little Latitude
Ages- 3-6 yrs

The World of Anahi and Vir is a set of three board books that caught our eye due to the delightful water colour illustrations by Prashant Miranda. He was doing an art show at the venue and readily autographed the copy we bought!

If there was one place I could be captures the Wonders of the Sea, as seen through the mesmerised eyes of a young girl. The words rhyme and are easy even for early readers. The illustrations are simply captivating.

If I lived in A Treehouse captures the various living environs and finally affirms that home is best when loved ones keep us company. Here you see both kids, Anahi and Vir in action.

If there was one thing I could be takes flight in a boy's imagination as he visualises himself as a bird. A good introduction to birds and their distinctive features apart from indulging most children's fantasy- to fly and be free.

The collection is thus a child's journey as she absorbs the magic of creation- animal habitats, ocean life and birds. My six year old enjoyed these books and gifted them to her two year old sister who loves seeing the pictures in it.


sandhya said...

These sound like a great gift for a toddler!

Praba Ram said...

Super! Put it up on ST's FB page as well.

Sheela said...

The cover illustrations certainly look colorful. I like the themes of each book. Thanks, artnavy, for another lovely find.

gwl said...

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Artnavy said...

Thanks ladies

great gift for those upto 5 yrs i would say- more visual pleasure than text... but will spark off questions

Radhika said...

Hey..this book is available online at

Vinay Diddee said...

and on my website :)

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