Friday, March 16, 2012

Lenny and Tweek, Wanted: A Friend

Lenny and Tweek, Wanted: A Friend
Author and Illustrator: Klaus Baumgart
English Translation by Baumhaus Verlag
Ages 4-8

This sweet tale of friendship opens with lonely Lenny looking for a friend- a person who he will never get bored with. Tweek is his unlikely helper in this quest.

Together, they play- take an aeroplane ride ( refer the book cover), hunt for treasure, swim, cook and just talk, as they wait and look for the elusive friend.

And does Lenny find a friend in the end? What do you think?

There are some priceless observations, the kind you hear kids make: "Chocolate pudding is good for you if you put plenty of carrots in it..."

The illustrations are appealing and filled with interesting twists. For instance, the one where Lenny watches a real sunrise through a hollow television set is endearingly whimsical.

The author is also known for his series -Laura's Star. He was the first German to be shortlisted for the Children's Book Award in 1999. Here is a link to an interview with him.


Choxbox said...

Had first seen it at the Pratham Books office. Lovely one indeed!

Artnavy said...

Really nice no?

sandhya said...

It is a lovely book. As A just informed me, "It is just too cute!" It was one of the books she had kept for sale at the christmas carnival.

Have seen the movie version of Laura's Star. A sweet movie, with some lovely songs.

the mad momma said...

Ah, we have this one too and I love the observations you mentioned, including the chocolate with carrot.

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