Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vincent van Gogh

Over the years I have collected quite a pile of books about Vincent van Gogh for my kids. This artist holds particular appeal for children I suppose because of the vibrant colours he used and also because of the simplicity of what he captured on canvas. If you ever happen to be in Amsterdam, do check out the Van Gogh museum that houses the largest collection of the artist's works in the world. But if you are in London, you will get to see the creation most associated with him - the awesome sunflowers!

Here are what I think are the best three from the ones we have, each is awesome in its own way. They are all available on flipkart by the way. 

This post was triggered by a book I chanced upon in the amazing Blossom on Church Street. This place is a veritable paradise if you are hunting for bargain deals. You do have to dig in a bit and hunt, but that is part of the fun!

So the book in question is called Van Gogh by Jean-Phillipe Chabot and is part of First Discovery/Art series. I love this series mainly because it has these awesome see-through pages that make it all very interesting. This book takes the reader through Van Gogh's life in simple sentences and serves as a good way to familiarise young children with the artist's unique style as well as his most famous works.

Camille and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt, part of a set about famous artists and reviewed by Sheela earlier on SaffronTree. It is one of the best introductions to the artist I think because it is through the eyes of a young boy called Camille who was befriended by Van Gogh. This is a true tale by the way.

My Sticker Art Gallery: Van Gogh by Carole Armstrong, this one is bound to be a top hit with any child. Reason: it is full of miniature sticker reproductions of Van Gogh's works that you have to peel out and assemble in the right spot, following the clues given. Which child can resist that?!


Lavs said...

bookmarked this post.when time comes to introduce my child to van gogh, i shall come back here:)

Choxbox said...

Sure Lavs, and the best bit is we get these in India easily now.

Sheela said...

Awesome, Choxie, as usual. Yes, we finally got to van Gogh in Anholt's Artists series... I don't think kids will forget van Gogh easily- thanks to Mike Venezia's book stating how he cut off his ear

And we do love Sticker Art Shapes series (Frances Lincoln Children's Books) - Pablo Picasso is the fave here, with Paul Klee a close second, tied with Matisse. These have re-usable stickers and each double-page spread has the art reprint on one side and an unfinished version of the same piece on the other side so kids get to find the stickers and complete the art work... and they don't have to match the original either :)

Choxbox said...

Those look beautiful Sheels. And the concept sounds fun :)

Matisse and Picasso have become interesting to my kids since the Mootisse and Pigasso book!

We have a couple of other general art sticker ones, will dig them out and mail the names to you.

vee said...

thanks for sharing. nice to read this. My daughter and some of her classmates recently spent almost 2 weeks reading writing and painting about van gogh as part of their work at school (a pure montessori) here in bangalore. and she is still so taken in by the whole experience. we do have the anholt series but would now love to drop by blossoms and see if i can find any of the other books. thanks again.

Choxbox said...

Hi Vee.

Good to read about your daughter's Van Gogh experience. Am also a Montessori fan, so got all excited.

Blossom - is usually random, in the sense you will find gems anyway but you may not find a particular book you want. So yes do check it out, otherwise flipkart zindabad (no they do not give me any commission, but they really should given the large part of their sales that happens from my wallet!)

sandhya said...

Beautiful, indeed! Thanks for sharing these books with me the other day, Choxie.

Choxbox said...

S: The pleasure was entirely mine :)

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