Thursday, May 10, 2012



Author- James Howe
Illustration- Randy Cecil
Candlewick Press
Ages 4-8

An imaginative tale, the book gets straight to the point.

It opens with the unexpected situation of a huge dinosaur, named Brontorina Apatosaurus approaching a local ballet school to learn- what else- ballet.

Brontorina is faced with two immediate problems- how will she fit (in) and how will she find shoes her size.

You see the exaggerated contrast between her and the rest of the class including the teacher,Madame Lucille.

But she dispalys that she is undoubtedly talented and graceful. Filled with lively pictures that seamlessly goes with the text, the pirouettes by Brontorina actually seem real.

Her gigantic size soon presents problems in the inadequate studio and the other students are also inconvenienced by Brotorina's presence.

When it dawns on Brontorina that the studio cannot contain her and she will have to discontinue learning dance, she is heart broken. Another rising issue surfaces- which male dancer will be able to lift her while dancing?

How she surmounts the odds ( with some help from her champions, Clara and Jack and the thoughtful teacher) forms the rest of this humorously endearing story. The book does show the struggle that comes with being different, but also reinforces that you can follow your dream even if you do not quite fit it.

And if you are wondering how exactly it ends, let us just say it is uplifting in every sense of the word.


Choxbox said...

Sounds delightful!

utbtkids said...

Agree Art. A delightful book indeed.
Much enjoyed book at home. Was a repeat bed time read for a longish time.

Artnavy said...

Got it at Strand sale


Anonymous said...

The contents are really good…

sandhya said...

Lovely, Art. Just showed this review to A while discussing some issues regarding 'fitting in'!

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