Friday, October 12, 2012

CROCUS 2012 - The countdown begins !

Sandhya has already unveiled the theme of this year's CROCUS. I am here to divulge a little more information on one of the core topics of this years's festival - Mathematics !

When we were finalising the theme for this year, I was delighted that one of my all time favourite subjects, was going to figure as the star. When I try to analyse my special preference and love for Math, through my school and college years, I think it has a lot to do with the nature of the subject itself - logical, analytical, solution oriented and reasonable. There is some kind of perfection and wholeness to the subject, that appeals to me. What if the beauty of Mathematics can be appreciated through stories ? What if a child can be shown right from a young age that Math need not be feared, it can be learned and loved though funny anecdotes ? What if every complex Mathematical concept's usage is highlighted through tales and pictures, in our daily lives ? Oh...what a wonderful world it will be ! No one will perceive it as a necessary evil, the way it is seen  by a lot of people today.

I am amazed at the treasure that we have been unearthing in our quest for positive children's literature on Math. It was so difficult to make the choices and to restrict ourselves to a finite number of books. These books are proof that Math need not be learned in a linear way, but a multi dimensional path can greatly help in appreciating the subject. We hope that even if we bring forth only a fraction of the wonderful children's literature on Math, you will enjoy it with your family. The probability of atleast one book appealing to you, reader, is high since we have covered a range of topics like - Math alphabet books, story books for little ones on big ideas, biographies that give the human angle of the Pythagoras Theorems and Pascal's triangles and much more.

Topping up Math is Eco Science, which has some equally delightful titles. To enjoy the festive spread, visit us everyday from Oct 23 to Oct 27. Also please spread the word about CROCUS 2012 - on your blogs, facebook page and just about anywhere. May the joy of Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry spread through the precious story books that we bring forth during CROCUS 2012 !


sandhya said...

Loved the logical analysis of the thought processes behind a mathematical CROCUS! Love the trajectory that it has been following, and the probability that the possibilities will be multiple and multidimensional!

Artnavy said...

Lovely post Ranjani!

Chatty Wren said...

Oh wow, really looking forward to the recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Choxbox said...

Awesome R! How accurately you have covered all the bases with precise terms!

Sangitha said...

Awesome! Looking forward to 'it's raining math!' times!

Sheela said...

Your love for Math comes through exuberantly, Ranjani! Loved how you wove in the math terms into the second-last para :)

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