Friday, October 19, 2012

CROCUS 2012 - just around the corner...

Four days to go! And it will be time to share with you the treasure chest of books we have unearthed for this year's CROCUS - themed Math & Eco-Science.

Last week was fascinating for scientists and science lovers all over the world. We woke up to the discovery of PH1, a neighboring planet with multiple suns. Science fiction no more! That too, discovered by amaeteur scientists, who searched the sky asking questions that pushed boundaries.

As we turn science fiction on its head into reality, it is also critical to ensure we don't turn today's reality into tomorrow's fiction. We need to do all we can to ensure our planet's glory and greenery do not become fictitious past for future generations. That is why we chose to highlight eco-science for this year's CROCUS. Eco-science is the how and what of the delicate ecosystems around us. It is also how we are using what we know to minimize and reverse the damage already done to the planet. Eco-science is an intricate part of our lives. When we remind little hands to turn off taps and lights, or when we hold those hands in ours on nature walks, or teach grubby fingers to plant a seed, we are taking a step to show respect. Respect to our planet. Every step is a note of gratitude, an acknowledgement that it is a privilege to be living here, breathing oxygen, drinking water, having access to natural resources.

As part of this year's CROCUS festival, we at Saffron Tree, can't wait to bring you books and resources on Math & Eco-science to share with the eager minds that you read to/read with. Ranjani gave us a hint about the book explorations into the world of numbers. We will then round up this year's CROCUS with books that take readers on a tour of natural habitats, introduce ecosystems and biomes, that enlighten little readers to the plight of endangered species. We will also talk to inspiring people that lead the way in our planet's recovery process.

We hope the books and interviews will initiate discussions about the what-why-how of ecology around us, both the one we were born into and the one we manufactured. We also hope they will lead to questions - What-if? Why-not? How-far? - questions that push boundaries, questions that could open paths and possibilities.

For all that and more, CROCUS 2012 - only four days to go!

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sandhya said...

Wonderful, Anusha! Waiting for the action to start.

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