Sunday, October 28, 2012

Good Bye CROCUS 2012

Six years of Saffron Tree. Even at one post a week, just do the math!! Enough books to fill a room and create a lifetime of memories. Most of all it has been a whole lot of fun. You dear reader, have kept us going! Thank you.

The Fourth year of Crocus. What was new? Three new contributors joined the ST family, Arundhati, Anukumar and Uma. Some of our older ones decided to watch on like indulgent siblings.

During CROCUS, all of us turned active, in fact a few months before itself- planning the theme and the flyer, the book picks and the interviews, the activity and the publicity.

This CROCUS was dedicated to Maths and Ecoscience. We ourselves were surprised at the amount of interesting (and non-intimidating to some of us) fiction and non fiction on the former. Praba and Sheela led the scheduling; Lavanya Karthik surpassed herself with the flyer. Sheela, with her sharp eye continued to provide technical assistance to all.

Sandhya, Ranjani, Anusha and Chox outdid each other with their introduction, teaser and curtain raiser posts. Then came the unveiling of the much awaited CROCUSWORD by Sheela!

We brought you 4-6 reviews and 1-2 interviews per day spread over 5 days. We dedicated the first three days to math. We had math stories and biographies, math in the alphabet, math mysteries, tangrams as illustrative tools and so much more! Then we straddled Maths and Eco science given the need to alert ourselves and our kids to cherish and respect what nature offers us. As usual, we included books for kids across age bands and cultures.

We were delighted to bring you authors and illustrators stories from different continents - Jackie French from Australia, Kjartan Poskitt from the UK, Laurie Kerbs from the US, Natasha Sharma from India, Gabrielle Manglou from Reunion Island and Nathan Kumar Scott a global citizen. We sincerely thank all of them.

Thanks Tara, Tulika, Paper Tigers, Pratham, Women’s Web, Playing by the book, and bloggers for spreading the word in more ways than one.

The innovative CROCUSWORD generated good response. Thank you, participants. And winners, congrats!

As I mentioned right at the beginning, YOU, the reader, continue to be our star.

And as you know, we will be back soon. Visit us at least once a week for more reviews. And now we are on FB too. Leave us your suggestions and comments, we are always happy to hear from you.

We also urge you to help in the book drive for Kranti.

And don't miss the lovely post by Arundhati Venkatesh on Women's Web for the "Kranti Book Donation Drive". We would greatly appreciate your support for a terrific cause! Thank you, Arundhati, Women's Web, and also to Lakshmi of Atta Galatta for your support!

Thank you, all!



Choxbox said...

Brill end!

Sigh, it's over.

ranjani.sathish said...

Neat wrap up Art ! I thoroughly enjoyed the reviews and interviews that I have read so far and looking forward to catching up on the missed ones soon.

I am amazed at the sheer variety of books that are available on this topic and now comes the difficult part of selecting the titles that I want to buy, bookmarking all these books to be hunted down in libraries, old book shops and friends' places :-))

Sheela said...

Au revoir, CROCUS! And thanks for a neat wrap-up, Art!

Artnavy said...

Kind of that empty feeling when something gets over....

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