Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Pleasant Rakshasa

Story : Sowmya Rajendran
Art : Niveditha Subramaniam
Publisher- Tulika
Ages- 4 plus
I had resolved  not to buy picture books this year at the Bangalore Book Fair since my older one has graduated to chapter books and we really do have way too many of them. But this book just yelled out " Pick me up".

The art is what primarily drew me to the book. And that someone had finally thought of having a pleasant rakhshasa instead of a ferocious or unkind one.

The theme reminded me a bit of an old Tulika title - Anna and Chenna- that one need not subscribe to any standard definition of beauty to find happiness or beauty even. The joy of giving and friendship is what life is about.

The book is a visual treat in an off beat sense- the cute monsters ( remember Five Little Fiends) , the vivid colours, the finger print art in places, all tie in beautifully with a story about generosity and the common good.

Karimuga is the pleasant Rakshasa ( Sowmya does it again with this name, after her Kattaboman series ) envied for his pot belly, his hairy legs, dark skin. He decides to share his many attributes to spread cheer but rather realistically finds himself a little dull and down after all the giving. 

Read the book and you will know how he discovers all is not lost and finds pleasure in another of his imperfectly perfect features.

And the young chapter book convert at home, gave the book a Thumbs up as well!!


Arundhati said...

"I had resolved not to buy picture books this year at the Bangalore Book Fair since my older one has graduated to chapter books and we really do have way too many of them"

Ditto! But I did go to the Books for Change stall on Sunday, seeking out the pleasant rakshasa, was told the Tulikas hadn't arrived

sandhya said...

Ditto Arundhati.

Tulika books, note: Some over-enthusiastic types visit book fairs on the first or second days. Please to ensure that your books are there. We looked everywhere for them, but they weren't anywhere. Considering that most bookstores do not easily store Tulikas, the book fair was the place I had been looking forward to picking them up. :(

Artnavy said...

A lot of the Tulika titles are avilable at Atta Galatta, Blore - maybe easy for you two to pick up from there?

But I know what you mean....

Artnavy said...

And of course you can borrow from me as well!

Choxbox said...

Will borrow and read. We still love picture books you see.

And what does Karimuga mean? Black face?

Tulika Publishers said...

@Arundathi and Sandhya: The Pleasant Rakshasa should reach stores soon. Like Arthi said, you can try Atta Galatta and you can also check out Books for Change and Bibliophile. And it's available on our website. FYI, for those of you want to see book previews, all you need to do is click on the look inside on the book page. A lot of people seem to miss this feature, so...

@Choxbox: Yes.:)

Divya Purandar said...

I totally agree with Arundhathi and Sandhya. Tulika needs to have its own bookstore in Bangalore like it does in Chennai. Even last year, I went around asking if Tulika had a stall at the Book festival! Anyway, Atta Galatta doesnt normally stock any new Tulika books.

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