Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Vinod Eshwer

Tulika's Let's  Plant Trees and Let's catch the Rain are two very simple and cleverly done books with a relevant message.  Minimal words and a quirkly sketching style mark these attitude-influencing books. The other common thread is their author and  self taught illustrator- Vinod Eshwer. An award winning creative director, a furniture designer, an eco warrior,  among many other things...here is what he had to say about his work.

What made you write these books?
The starting point for the book was my love for nature-namely trees and water.
The love for trees resulted in "Let's plant trees".
The love for water resulted in "Let's catch the rain".

Can you share a bit more on your second book - Let's catch the rain?
Rainwater harvesting is a time tested, simple solution to the worsening water crisis. RWH is a fancy term, so i distilled it to a simple call for action- "let's catch the rain".

The concept of catching rainwater in lakes, rooftops, ponds and wells have been woven with fun things like coconut shells and random everyday objects.
Truly, catching rain is such a simple thing to do, that it's perfect to introduce kids to it at an early age. Given the rate at which our generation is pursuing a selfish, mindless and rather thoughtless lifestyle, i think the only hope for the future generations is timely information sowed in their fertile minds. (The first time I sowed seeds and this time it's the idea of catching and storing rainwater.)

Can you take us through the book creation process and the app?
The book and app game took about two years to make. So many illustrations and renditions happened along the way, that I've lost track.  

To make the idea of catching rainwater more accessible to the next gen, I thought it's best to serve it in a medium they seem to like most - computer games.

It's fortunate that the app developer who created the game and the short animated film had a founder, Anirudh Goutam, who believed in the cause.
The idea was to create a website that promoted the idea of catching rain using the game, the book and some practical information on how to go about it.

Remember- It's more than a book. It's a campaign for 'water for kids'.

Can you share your favourite illustrators for kids books and why?
There are countless talented illustrators whose work I admire. I love the European ink and watercolour artists in particular.

How did your style evolve- any background in art ?
I’m an engineer by qualification. But I’m a self-taught “artist”. I just love ideas and just do whatever it takes to bring them to life. I think that if you really want to do something, you will naturally acquire the skills to make it happen.

Why write for kids?
I think the best thing to do is sow seeds of good ideas in fertile young minds. When time ripens, these ideas will empower kids to secure their own future.


You can have a look at :
1. The film.
2. The website with the game.

3. Some food-for-thought images to soak in and get ourselves drenched in rain-love! :)


Namrata said...

Loved the posters!

Met Vinod one time at Mother Earth (I think), and loved his book. Look fwd to picking up his 2nd book.

ranjani.sathish said...

Very interesting books and I love the whole idea. Thanks Art, for bringing Vinod to ST. I will show the kids the film. I enjoyed it too....simple and clear message.

vinod lal heera eshwer said...

Thank you so much, Namrata and Ranjani! :)
Thanks, Art! :)

Arundhati said...

Wise words by Vinod. His passion shines through.
Interesting interview, Art. Loved the posters too

Artnavy said...

Thanks A and did you see the article on him in Metro Plus today?

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