Wednesday, October 23, 2013


In line with our Migration theme, for this year's CROCUSWORD, we bring you a parade of jumbled book hunt, double puzzle, crossword and cryptogram!

Because kids love unraveling the mysteries of their world and discovering the joy of putting things in order. Well, that, and the fact that we are excited to give away some wonderful prizes for three all-correct entries!

Who can enter?
Although the puzzles are aimed at kids in the 6-9 age group, kids outside this group are welcome to participate if they find it challenging and interesting enough.

What to do?
Kids get to solve these puzzles as part of this year's CROCUSWORD:
I.   Jumbled Book Hunt
II.  Double Puzzle
III. Crossword
IV. Cryptogram

Crossword answers can be just the list of correct words, with their corresponding numbers.

All-correct (and if none, then most-correct) answers will be entered into a drawing to pick three winners.

Results will be announced on October 27, 2013 and the winners will be contacted via email.

How to enter?
-email your solutions to
-only one entry per family
-answers to all puzzles in a single email (including the bonus Cryptogram solution, if solving)
-email Subject: Crocusword 2013
-send the email out on or before noon of October 26, 2013 Indian Standard Time

What prizes are we talking here?

First, second, and third all-correct (if none, then, most-correct) entries to reach us will get one of the following books each, all by your writer/illustrator friends from Saffron Tree.

First place:

Endangered Animals of India by Praba Ram and Meera Sriram, Illustrated by Lavanya Karthik, published by Mango  Books

Second place:

Ranganna by Arthi Anand-Navneeth from Tulika Books

Third place:

What Does Anu See? (a hot off the press copy) Written and Illustrated by Lavanya Karthik

OK, where're the puzzles already?!

Here you go!
View/Print the CROCUSWORD 2013 puzzles(pdf)


Praba Ram said...

We can't wait for your children to take a crack at it.

Thank you Sheela for your help in putting it together!

utbtkids said...

This is perfect for young children. Will love to try it with my little ones at home.

sandhya said...

Good one, Sheela! :) Can't wait to have the kid working on this.

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