Sunday, October 27, 2013

Good Bye CROCUS 2013!

The past one year saw some ST members move homes/ cities/ countries. Our offline conversations covered reasons, concerns, resettlement and so on.

Earth's Children by Jean Auel, The Mountain who loved a bird and The Little Prince are among my favourites when it comes to the subject.

Closer home, Ramayan and Mahabharat are also about movement, change and adaptation. Change is not always easy but you have got it right if you do not end up feeling like a 'legal alien' somewhere.

When Sandhya proposed this subject a few months ago for CROCUS, it just seemed so apt.

Closer to the deadline, Sheela and Praba got us motivated and kept us on our toes with gentle reminders. The scheduling and formatting glitches were handled by them as well.

Lavanya- WordJunkie surpassed herself with her dazzlingly evocative flyer. When quizzed about it here is what our creative illustrator said

".....all I did was make a list of things that migrate. I already had an image in my head of a globe with Praba's 'laundry list' style banner around it and animals walking around it... After that, it was a question of integrating my list of elements with the globe, and paring away stuff that wasn't essential. Earlier versions included a nicely faded world map in the background, human footprints trotting across the globe, not to mention a bunch of nonmigratory animals..."

Sandhya and Satish wrote beautiful Teaser Posts and set our expectations high.

And soon it was time for Asha Nehemiah to inaugurate the event. The ribbon was cut virtually and in what style!!

On Day 1 you walked, flew and swam with animal migration stories- bears and birds and whales and more.

The much awaited Crocusword was well received and the winners would have been announced when this post is up.

Day 2 we traveled with nomadic tribes tracking the migratory origins of humans to present day nomadic tribes.

We discussed books on forced moves/reluctant transplant and the concept of global voluntary moves as borders blur on Day 3 and 4 

Among the interviewees were Uma KrishnaswamiNina Sabnani , Holly Thompson, Radhika Menon, Vishaka Chanchani - all bringing us their priceless views on multi-cultural stories and giving us a glimpse into the stories behind storybooks.

We hope you enjoyed the selection of books we reviewed and found the interviews insightful as well.

We heartily thank all the publishers and book lovers- organisations and individuals- who supported us.

A big thanks to you, dear readers and a request- a few more written comments on the posts that moved you will always be welcome!!

Also a first for us- CROCUS 2013 saw our presence on Facebook with updates and alerts ( not always prompt perhaps!)

Oct 23- 26 -Four days - Many interviews and even more book reviews since we also had cluster posts this CROCUS.

If you felt it was too much, come back to catch up.

And if you kept pace, do return as we continue our regular posts.

Meanwhile, thank you all for the encouragement and keep the reading journey on!


ranjani.sathish said...

A very neat Wrap-Up covering all the points, Arthi !

Unknown said...

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