Friday, January 17, 2014

The Susu Pals and The Unboy Boy

There is a story (perhaps many) in every one of us.
Some share it and some don't.  Some tell it and some pen it.
A very select few tie up with brilliant illustrators and  publish it!

Kudos to Richa Jha of Snuggle with Picture Books for taking that leap of faith- rather like those who wish to homeschool kids and finally muster the courage to do it. And Richa has done it in such style.  

 In The Susu Pals Richa partners with Alicia Souza, the witty cartoonist whose daily humor pieces are very popular.

Humorous in tone, it is a sensitive portrayal of  friendships that go through testing times and endure fickle distractions. Rhea and Dia are best friends and do everything together. Then Isha moves in next door. How does that change the equation? Do they stay friends?

While my girls had trouble accepting the 'going susu together with their best buddy' bit, they loved the book and found the characters appealing and real.

The Unboy Boy is the story of Gagan. He does not fit into people's common norms for how a boy should be and behave. Even his family and friends think of him as an un-boy boy. They attempt to make him more boy-like.

Do they succeed? Or do they join forces with his mother, his sole supporter who backs and encourages him to be himself.

Writer Richa Jha ties up with illustrator Gautam Benegal in this story and together they charmingly bring out how cool and nice it is to be yourself.

Do read Susu Pals and Unboy Boy.  You will of course enjoy the easy flow of words, the illustrations and the humor.

You may just want to reach out to a long lost Susu pal you had and perhaps some Gagan in your life will be a happier person as well.

You can watch the book trailer of Susu Pals  here


Richa Jha said...

Dear Art Navy,

There are reviewers who pick a book and see what their task at hand requires them to see. And then there are reviewers who go way deeper into a book and attempt to peep into the minds and hands that have brought that idea to life. You go way way deeper than even the latter! :) Your pat on our (Alicia's, Gautam's and mine) backs brings a big smile on our faces and assures us that there are a few people out there who will most certainly get what we had set out to do! :) A big thank you for sitting with both the books. And please do let your daughters know that I promise not to get any two best pals to sit on the same pot together in my next books!:p

Saffron Tree, thank you!

Richa Jha said...

Oh, and I am back with a confession. The first time I came across Saffron Tree about a couple of years ago, my very first thought was to someday have a book good enough for ST (the only aspirational blog-mention, I swear)! Praba, Arthi, thanks for making that secret wish come true today! :)
And with this, I have no more secret desires left, I double swear! :p

Artnavy said...

Hi Richa
Get used to getting reviewed by many and as you write and publish more books ( which I am sure you will) do find the time to visit ST and read about all the other books out there that have moved our contributors. All the very best!

Richa Jha said...

You'll definitely find me hanging around Saffron Tree often, Artnavy. Thank you, all over again!

the mad momma said...

Art beat me to the punch. We're loving the two books at our place too.

Richa - please write more books for us!

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