Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tsomo and the Momo

Tsomo and the Momo 
pic courtesy tulika books

Written and illustrated by Niveditha Subramaniam
Published by Tulika books.
Ages 3+
Any parent will recognize this scenario. A child’s favourite food item is made. The child is given a serving of that food. However large that portion might be according to the parent, it always seems small to the eyes of the child. A bigger chunk of chocolate. A bigger dollop of ice cream. A bigger laddoo … you get the picture! (Of course, things work the other way when it is food that is not liked by the child.)
Tsomo is just such a child, who loves momos. (We love them too!) Her mother makes a really big momo for her –  a gingery, garlicky, fingerlicky momo, bigger than Tsomo herself. But Tsomo thinks it isn’t big enough.
“But I want a momo as big as the moon!”
Like all mothers faced with this situation, her mother tells her to finish this momo first. And then, what happens? Do read this book to find out.
Niveditha Subramaniam’s zany pictures perfectly compliment her text to present this story from the mountains of Nepal and Tibet, the home of the momo, and is sure to be a hit with the kiddie foodies.

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Artnavy said...

I enjoyed the book too.

It is nice that they are looking at that part of the world ...the other one was the Snow King's daughter.

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