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Celebrating Saffron Tree Authors

Saffrn Tree Authors and Illustrators

Writing for children is not easy. And, to top it, thanks to the whims and vagaries of the publishing industry, getting one's work published is nothing short of a Herculean task these days. 

On a week dedicated to celebrating children's books, it is my pleasure to recognize and share the works of some of our own Saffron Tree contributors, who have done nothing short of magic by following their heart - writing and illustrating for children.

Endangered Animals of India 
by Praba Ram and Meera Sriram
illustrated by Lavanya Karthik

From Near Threatened to Critically Endangered, the book brings to us some of the fascinating animals of India. Where are they? Why are they vanishing? And what can we do about it?

Authors Praba and Meera have put together interesting and unnerving facts about ten endangered animals in this book- a wake up call to  readers of all ages, everywhere.

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[image source: Mango Books]

Bijoy and the Big River
by Meera Sriram and Praba Ram

This is the story of Bijoy, a young boy from a farming community that produces the famed Eri Silk, or ahimsa silk - the silkworms aren't killed in the production unlike those that breed on mulberry - as it is also known.

A quiet, verdant, idyllic place, on a farm where Bijoy stays with Ma and Deuta (father in Assamese). It is a good life, even if the river sometimes destroys everything in its path during floods.

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[image source: Tulika Publishers]

Dinaben and the Lions of Gir
by Meera Sriram and Praba Ram

Dinaben and the Lions of Gir captures how man and animal coexist in the forests of Gir in Gujarat. It fits beautifully into the series of bilingual- photo- animal books from Tulika - the earlier ones having featured tigers, bears and elephants.

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[image source: Tulika Books USA]

Subbu the Signal 
by Praba Ram and Meera Sriram

In a little city stood a busy traffic signal in the middle of a very busy street. His name was Subbu. He had three bright lights – red, orange and green. Green to go, orange to slow and red to stop! 

In this fun and whimsical tale about a runaway traffic light, children delight at the absurdity even as they learn that each has a role to play and playing it well is all it takes to be happy.

[image source: Pratham Books]

Have You Seen This?
Text by Arthi Anand Navaneeth
illustrated by Roomani Kulkarni

'Arthi's new book from Tulika – Have you seen this? just landed on my lap...and can you guess what happened? The door started walking, the chair jumped up in delight, the house in fact started spinning - it was complete wackiness let loose!

Thank goodness, a flower piped in to tell everything to stop it all!  While all the time the book actually tippy-toed its way to a corner and was reading quietly pretending as if all of this was happening in another make-believe world…'

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[image source: Tulika Books]

by Arthi Anand-Navaneeth
Illustrated by Kavita Singh Kale

Ranganna is not your typical elephant, he lives in the Dhobi ghat, in the midst of bursts of color. Color is everywhere, all around him. In the clothes spread out to dry, in the flowers ladies buy at the temple.

After he sees two little girls sporting color on their nails, Ranganna wants some color on himself!  But painting an elephant’s nails! How would the girls do that?

Arthi’s tale, ably enhanced by Kavita Singh Kale’s multi-colored brush strokes, brings the tale to a warm and fulfilling finish

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What does Anu See?
written and illustrated by Lavanya Karthik
Anu loves to look at things,
big things and small.
Houses on hills, ants on a wall.
Offbeat, simple yet sophisticated, with stunning collage on each page, the book engages the young reader with rhyming text, encouraging them to see, to really look around and see, the world. Just the way our protagonist Anu does.

[image source: Pratham Books]

Tara Tambe, Forest Friend
by Anita Vachharajani
illustrated by Lavanya Karthik

From the publisher's website:
Tara wants to go to an amusement park for her holidays. But her parents are being difficult. Will her Deadly Tantrum work or will they drag her off on a wild vacation? Then Tara gets sent a mysterious box, and some unlikely – and unwelcome – guests show up! A lesson in ‘wild’ manners? Or just a bad dream? Join Tara and her friends in this charmingly illustrated, roller-coaster-ride of a story...

[image source: Mango Books]

Vriksha: Original Tree Stories and Real Tree Facts

by Vinitha Ramchandani
illustrated by Lavanya Karthik
published by Mango DC books

From the publisher's blurb:

Can YOU identify the trees around you  This book contains beautiful stories about trees. Vriksha started as a workshop to help children identify trees that surrounded them. Now its pages hold nourishing, sunny myths about how trees could have got their names   the jackfruit tree with its crown of emerald leaves, the laburnum with flowers like gold jewels, the tenacious neem with teeth-edged leaves. Its meandering folk-like tales go to the roots, nomenclature and facts about various trees. Cassia fistula or amaltas, the golden shower tree, the beauty whose seeds are considered poisonous! Apna mango   our very own   the national fruit of Pakistan! Sodium, potassium inside the coconut.

[image source: Mango DC books ]

Junior Kumbhakarna
by Arundhati Venkatesh
illustrations by Shreya Sen

We've all heard of Kumbhakarna from mythology and pictured this giant in our minds.

Of course, what he is most known for is his sleep. A deep, deep sleep. A sleep which is not easily disturbed by braying donkeys and lively drumbeat; nor trumpets nor elephants; not even the smell of delicious laddus.

His legendary deep slumber is oft-referenced to rebuke a reluctant riser, be it young or old. So, it is no wonder that our little Kukku enjoys listening to this story at bedtime. Again and again. Is it any wonder he starts to emulate his favorite person.

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[image source: Tulika Books]

Petu Pumpkin Tiffin Thief
by Arundhati Venkatesh

A brand new book releasing this month:
Petu Pumpkin is always eating. When he starts emptying his friends' tiffin boxes, they form a secret society to save their lunches. But the magic potion is a flop and the super glue is a disaster ...

Can't wait to find out how they saved their tiffins from Petu Pumpkin.


ranjani.sathish said...

Wonderful job Sheela, putting together the work of all our in house authors/illustrator ! Praba, Meera, Lavanya, Arthi and Arundhathi...we are very proud of you !

Artnavy said...

And there is Vriksh from DC Mango beautifully illustrated by Lavanya !

Thanks Sheela and Ranjani!

sathish said...

Thank you Sheela. Congratulations to all the folks mentioned here. Here is hoping for more such lovely books in the future.

Sheela said...

@Art: Thanks for pointing me to Vriksh - will add it to the post!

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