Monday, November 17, 2014


What a ride down history lane! We are sure this edition of CROCUS has aroused your curiosity for books of this genre.

We brought you books, both non fiction and fiction, from magnificent civilizations- Prehistoric to Greek, from Egypt to Harappa, from China to Mesopotamia, traveling from India to Peru.

Praba and Sheela ably led the scheduling; Lavanya Karthik continues to surpass herself and delight us with the flyer. Sandhya, Rachna and Anusha, with their compelling posts, set the tone for the fest and the theme.

You would have noted most book reviews were clusters- so that you can keep coming back to us for more of the sub-genre! See...we love you.

We had master storytellers and history buffs- Subhadra Sengupta,  Geetha Dharmarajan, Anu Kumar, Mala Kumar, Suhag Shirodkar and Anupama Hoskere- share their  priceless thoughts with us. We sincerely thank all of them and are sure these posts will get re-read and shared many times over.

We have noticed and are grateful for the steady increase in FB likes for our page. We will try and keep at it and share links on that forum as well. Leave us your suggestions and comments, we are always happy to hear from you.

Thanks Little Reader's Nook, Bookalore and  generous friends and bloggers for spreading the word about CROCUS in more ways than one.

Thank you  participants for your response to the very innovative CROCUSWORD. And winners, congrats!

And as we maintain always, YOU, the reader, are our star.
Stay with us and the rest, as they say, is history!

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