Thursday, November 13, 2014

History, One Story at a Time

Like my Saffron Tree peers, I grew up dreading the subject 'History'. Bundled under Social Studies for a while, and later getting its own prime time slot, 'History' was, to me, an ominous looking textbook, pale and dry, stuffed with who-did-what-and-when-and-where. And I was supposed to absorb all those facts and write about it on demand.

I did not appreciate history, I gulped it down like a pill. It left a bitter aftertaste.

Forward to the present, and my 9 year old's favorite topic? History.
I am thankful (bad) history did not repeat itself.

At Saffron Tree, we are grateful that our kids' reach of History extends way beyond a dull textbook. Our kids have many resources at hand that show them the lively past, so they can draw parallels and contrasts, analyze and examine the civilizations and personas that shaped their present self. With this kind of exposure, there is now room for curiosity to flourish, and respect to blossom.

In that spirit, we bring you a week dedicated to books that embrace this philosophy and showcase History in full glory. We start at the very beginning, opening the curtains to when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Neanderthal man carved a life for himself in the wild. We leap into  tantalizing Mesopotamia and surrounding region where we'll be wowed by the Pyramids and Grecian architecture. Not far away lies Rome and a hop across continents will bring us to ancient civilizations. Every day, we will be talking to authors and publishers who have brought these stories alive for us. And, with the lessons from the past, we will look to a bright future, where history is no longer mindless or impersonal.

Come, read our reviews, earmark the ones your family will enjoy and bring them home to read together.  History's many stories are waiting to be explored, one story at a time.


Sheela said...

Wow, Anusha!

"And, with the lessons from the past, we will look to a bright future, where history is no longer mindless or impersonal."

Simply brilliant!

sandhya said...

And yay! CROCUS has begun!

Well said, Anusha!

ranjani.sathish said...

Very well written Anusha story at a time...I like it !

Choxbox said...

Well said!

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