Friday, November 28, 2014

Okaasama Otousama

Story : Sandhya Rao
Pictures : Krishna Bala Shenoi
Published by: Tulika Books
Reviewed by Rachna-Dhir

Okaasama Otousama- (O O for short) is the perfect example of how to bring joy in children's lives in simple, uncomplicated ways! Why do parents want to take their children anywhere for them to "have fun" when we have such amazing books at our disposal?

I was reminded of my children's favourite Sandra Boynton books that used to travel with us to the doctor's, to the airports, on long car journeys.... The list is endless.

Children draw comfort from the familiar. Once they like a book, it does not take long for it to become a companion. After a vaccination, during high fever or an illness, after a tiff with a dear friend at preschool, during a long air or train journey- at all these moments that can be anxiety ridden or even traumatic, books can heal in ways that can be described as soothing or magical!

Borrowing the plot from the back page, "A joyful tribute to multilingualism that says Mother and Father in 18 different languages" from lands far and near.

Sandhya Rao has the key to children's hearts like few others and Tulika has their hands on today's children's pulse. With the multicultural world we live in, O O is such a welcome gift. I can imagine preschoolers on stage singing in different tunes - the lyrics being the same, of course.

Kudos to Krishna Bala Shenoi, the illustrator, to do thorough research and bring the words to life. He did an internship at Tulika while studying at Bangalore's Srishti School of Art and this book was the result. According to the jacket, he wants "to take young people places!" And does he succeed!

So - what are you waiting for? Grab your copy and please do tell me if I am wrong?


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