Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Drowning Dreams & other poems

Drowning Dreams & other poems
Written by Ananya Sengupta
Published by Aparna Raman for  Timbuktoo Young Authors Publishing
Ages 10+

A secret wish.

But you see that this is not 
Even half the things I would possibly want

A litany of fantastical possibilities that the mind wonders about.

If a ghost rambled through your brain 
What would you do? 
Would you squeal, shriek or shout in pain?

A longing for a grandmother's home comforts - the house, the food, and small indulgences.

The space is of love and arguments 

Bewilderment and pain on a beloved uncle's passing away, as can be felt only by the young.

You may be gone in front of me 
But you aren't gone from here 

The unbridled joy of swimming with an imaginary friend who feels very real.

I agree with her and swim to the bay 
In the next minutes we are mermaids

Empathy for a young girl in a faraway land dying of cholera after her entire family has perished in an earthquake, the senseless loss of life.

A drop of the clean, clear pure 
And the many millions would not have sailed away.

These thoughts, and so much more in the 10 poems that make up this slim volume of poems by an obviously talented 11 year old, Ananya Sengupta, complemented well by the illustrations and design by Ayesha Adil and Aseem Gautam. Every poem offers something new. From the delight of a mind flying free, flitting from thought to thought, to the disdain of a younger sister over the older one's celebrity crush. They alternate between the charm of a tween's customary thoughts to a maturity belying her age. I've seen the birth of many poems, having a resident fledgling poet, and it is fascinating to watch the process -- everything is felt so keenly and often is translated on to paper quite effortlessly. This young poet shows a lot of promise, and here's hoping for stellar work from her in the future.

Image courtesy Aparna Raman.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book from the publisher; the opinions expressed in this review are, however, my own.



Sravasti Ghosh Dastidar said...

Waiting to read this compilation. Have read some of her poignant poems and was very impressed with her mature mind. Having met the author in her kindergarten years, it will be interesting to see her transformation into a full-fledged poet.

Basu said...

I have just read the couple of lines of the poems written by Mini and they are fabulous. Waiting to read the whole book.She is a very talented young lady and right grooming will see her blossom into an intense poetess. Wishing her all the best in life.

Sravasti Ghosh Dastidar said...

Read the book. Very interesting to read the ups and downs of emotions of the little poet. The apprehensions and feelings of loneliness alternate with the innocence and happiness of a child's mind. However, this aspect is very well-balanced and the unadulterated views can only be expected from a child.
Drowning Dreams is one of the most poignant poems of the collection. Very moving, as is the poem where she is visiting her sick uncle in the hospital. A child's insecurity is portrayed well in her friendship with the imaginary friend, Smash. The way she mentions Smash, it takes some time to realise that the character is a figment of imagination.
But her naughtiness comes through her observations about her cousin. There are some poems where Ananya's happiness brings a smile to the reader's lips.
The illustrations and the cover photo are very apt.
All the best, Ananya. Hope you keep on writing.

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