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Big Foot is Missing!

Big Foot is Missing!

by J. Patrick Lewis and Kenn Nesbitt
illustrations by MinaLima (Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima)
published by Chronicle Books

Humans have had a fascination with cryptids long before the term "cryptids" was coined to describe the fantastic creatures whose existence is yet to be proven.

Cryptozoology, the study of animals rumored to exist, has found many followers over the past decades. And for those who claim they don't believe in Bigfoot, these ardent scholars retort with a "Don't worry, Bigfoot doesn't believe in you either!"

Former and current Children's Poet Laureates have teamed up to present a book to explore several of these cryptids from around the world. Some of them, we are quite familiar with, like: Bigfoot, Kraken, Lusca, 'Nessie' the Loch Ness monster, Chupacabra, Bunyip and so on. And, others are just as fascinating, with matchingly mysterious names like Ngoubou, Dingonek, Mokele, Nandi Bear and so on.

MinaLima, the team on the Harry Potter films known for making maps, newspaper clippings and suchlike, have brought an extra dimension to this set of poems that are clever, funny and creepy at times.

Rather than presenting the text and an illustration of the creature, each page is designed to look like a Wanted poster, or billboard, or newspaper clipping, or milk carton ad, or page from an arcane book.

For example, Bigfoot appears on the milk carton; he is missing, of course.

bigfoot is missing poetry book review saffron tree kenn nesbitt
Chronicle Books Kid-Approved Verse for National Poetry Month

The Loch Ness monster has a double page spread of rolling Highland hills and the famous lake in the background with the familiar curves of Nessie; and the foreground shows the typical warning sign:

No Lifeguard on duty
No Horsing around.
Stay Out of the water
Or Risk being drowned.
No Diving, No Swimming,
Or Things could get messy.
Sincerely, The Management,
aka "Nessie."

An amusing look at these Schrodinger's Cat-like creatures which don't exist until we observe them.

[image source: Chronicle Books]

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