Monday, May 04, 2015

CBW 2015

To celebrate the 96th anniversary of Children's Book Week, we are excited to share some of our favorite books and spread the word about the simple joys of reading.

One of the toughest things for a bibliophile parent is to find ways to encourage a lifelong love of reading in their children from a young age-- reading, simply for the pleasure of it, not with any particular agenda.

There is a book for every reader and the tricky part usually is to match the book with the reader sufficiently early in life to kindle the interest.

"You can’t lecture them,” Jon Scieszka says. “It kills it for them. So you have to show them the thing that will make them want to read. That’s what makes a reader. That’s what puts me in the same boat as the booksellers.”

To that end, we at Saffron Tree passionately share all genres of books for a wide age range; books that we liked as parents, and particularly, books that our children liked for one reason or another.

Whether it is
reading to children who may not have access to books otherwise;
hosting a book club;
presenting a storytelling session;
organizing an author visit;
dressing up as favorite literary character or author;
blogging about your favorite children's books;
sharing children's book related status posts on social media;
participating in events at your local library...
find the best way that fits your lifestyle and get involved!

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