Monday, August 31, 2015

Full Speed Ahead

Full Speed Ahead!  (À toute vitesse)
How Fast Things Go
by Cruschiform

The seven year old prefers non-fiction and likes to know facts and more facts. So, when I brought home Full Speed Ahead! he was quite taken up with its simple format of showing how fast things go, in increasing speeds starting with Galapagos tortoise and Seahorses at 0.3 km/hr to a shooting star +100,000 km/hr.

Retro design with each double page spread showing the objects on the right side with the bare bones speed plus the name of the objects on the left hand page is easy on the eyes.

The French origins of the book explains some of the unfamiliar vehicles for the U.S. audience. Back of the book has more information about each of the objects.

[The blog post tells more about the book and has some lovely inside look]

Biggest, Strongest, Fastest
by Steve Jenkins

A permanent favorite in our house, Steve Jenkins' books are the perfect combination of visual artistry and nuggets of digestible facts.

As the title suggests, it lists fourteen members of the animal kingdom and their fascinating claim to fame, be it biggest or fastest, or like the anaconda which can swallow a deer or a goat whole.

The trademark cut-paper collage, plus minimum words that pack maximum impact, books like these are a must for every library.

Of course, we have many more books by Steve Jenkins on our bookshelf which are much loved even after a zillion reads over the last few years: Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest; Just a Second; The Beetle Book; Eye to Eye; Down Down Down... just about every book by Steve Jenkins is much enjoyed and appreciated.

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