Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Rainbow Crossing

Author- Vijee
Illustrator- Vagmi Raghava
Age- 4-8yrs

Just a year ago, my eight year old wanted to cycle down the road to the super market. By herself. I did not grant her permission. I wondered if and when I would ever feel ready to do so.

Scholastic India recently launched a picture book The Rainbow Crossing. Avi, a young boy on an errand, is waiting to cross the road. It is an intimidating task with all the unrelenting traffic, till a young man, Hanu, comes to the  rescue.

The book is a good way to introduce road safety norms for pedestrians. 
Children will find the text simple and the scenes are very relevant to urban India.

The visuals are not the usual cute kind and are therefore refreshing.

Some things do not sit well but will surely promote discussion :
- While the solution is creative, I am not sure it is realistic or practical. It is like vigilante justice.
- A two wheeler rider is shown without a helmet. There could have been a foot note on that
- Wish some of the girls had participated in the crossing creation but am glad the author suggested that Hanu could be a girl hero too.

This review is based on a review copy of the book but the views are in no way influenced by the same.
Pic source- Amazon


madraskaari said...
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madraskaari said...

What is realistic or practical is that people in any city should care about the walkability factor of their streets. You may want to read this piece :

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