Wednesday, November 11, 2015

CROCUS 2015: Unveiling the Theme

It is no secret that we at Saffron Tree love books of all sizes, colors, shapes, languages, genres, themes, and styles. To share the love, we gather together in autumn each year, to bring to you our online blog home-grown book festival, CROCUS: Celebrating Reading Of Culturally Unique Stories.

Each year, to make it all the more interesting, we stick to a particular theme and bring books and interviews on that theme.

This year's theme is Comics and Graphic Novels!

Our very own incredibly talented author/illustrator, Lavanya Karthik has designed this exclusive flyer to commemorate this occasion.

Drumroll please...

crocus 2015 online book festival

If you want to reach for that comic book leaping out of the flyer, you are not alone! Click on the image for a larger view and behold the "KAPOW!!" leaping at you!

Please join us here from Nov 14th to 17th, 2015 to celebrate comics and graphic novels for children.

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