Monday, December 05, 2016

Farewell CROCUS 2016

And we reach the end of our most thought-provoking CROCUS (Celebrating Reading Culturally Unique Stories) by far. 

Earlier this year, the ST team began with ‘disability’ as the theme but expanded it into various dimensions to be more inclusive. We decided to celebrate books on difference - physical/cognitive challenges, sexual orientation, adoption, divorce, abuse, suicide and more. 

Over the last four days, we brought you many books and an author interview. We tried to capture books across the age spectrum as always. Some of the book choices may seem controversial, disturbing, dark, too ‘adult’ even… but we need to encourage dialogue and discussion with our children.

Lavanya did a splendid job with the flyer and Sheela, our most consistent contributor, was instrumental in ensuring CROCUS goes live. Sandhya and Arundhati ably backed the endeavor and got us some gems. You may have missed some of our reviewers at CROCUS this year, but they have been ardent champions of the theme in the past and their reviews are captured in the round up post. We have stepped up our presence on Facebook and thank you fellow book lovers, for the shares.
Each one of us deserves a good life. Acceptance. Happiness. Opportunity. Hope. Health.

Let us read all kinds of books, with all sorts of characters, to and with our children.  We will keep sharing our finds so that we grow as a community. Keep visiting, keep reading, and keep sharing.

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ranjani.sathish said...

Thanks Art, for very neatly summarising the CROCUS this time. Thanks to all the people who have reviewed and picked up such wonderful books to showcase. While I have not read all the reviews in detail, I know this is a treasure trove where I can always come to pick up gems !

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