Thursday, January 02, 2020

What did the Monster Child eat Today?

Publisher- Karadi Tales
Author- Sampurna Chattarji
Illustration- Vibha Surya

A young girl, imagines herself as a monster and plays make believe with her food. She starts in the morning with breakfast, right through lunch, snacks and dinner , drawing crazy parallels with 'creepy' stuff.

For instance, buttermilk turns to drool juice and a baked pie into an Egyptian Mummy. The fold out flaps revel what is in fact eaten, versus the hyperbole with which  the child views her food.

As the story literally unfolds, the book format engages young reader to explore in glee. The text is filled with rhyme and the font adds to the playfulness quotient of the book.The illustrations make it come alive and stay cheerful. The extreme close ups of the mouth with morsels make it delightful for the reader.

As an adult reader, it will be good to remember that children do enjoy what some adults may see as gross.
You can go here for an online teaser of the book which will make you smile, if not chuckle.

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