Friday, February 26, 2010

Pchak Pchak

Title : Pchak Pchak
Author : Padmini Mongia
Illustrated by : Anita Varma
Published by : Young Zubaan

If there's anything that gets kids excited, it is sounds like bang, bang, boom, boom, smash, crash, and so on. Well, there's a new phrase making its presence felt in the Mad House. It is, Pchak. That's right. The current flavour of the day is a lovely book called Pchak Pchak, about a baby crocodile who doesn't know how to open her mouth and make a pchak pchak sound. Mama and Papa crocodile like any other young set of parents, try everything they know, but fail miserably.

As young parents, it's very easy to relate to their utter bewilderment and I smiled as I read it to the kids. Of course as in all times of crisis, the first person to be called was Grandma. And naturally, even before she gets to them, she guesses what might be wrong.

It goes on to tell you how it is finally grandma who works her magic and gets baby to open her mouth and make a pchak sound. The language is simple, there are little subtle digs that the kids hear mommy and daddy making around the house and can totally identify with!

But most of all, I think it reiterates a point that we often forget. Grandparents often do know what makes grandbabies tick. And my children love the book simply because it reminds them of their grandparents saving the day ever so often.


utbtkids said...

Big, B.I.G fans of onomatopoeia at home:)))))

Dr.Suess's Mr.Brown can you Moo?, Click Clack Mo: Cows that type, Moo Baa La La La by Sandra Boynton, We're going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen are huge hits.

From the home language, we loved Tulika's Sunu Snu Nathai(snail), for the same reason. Would love to check out Young Zuban. Thanks for introducing us to this book MM.

Artnavy said...

Sounds nice!

Young zubaan seem to have a nice collection.

And yes, grand folks are grand indeed!!

sandhya said...

Must check this out.
We had earlier encountered 'A-Z problem solver' from young zubaan. A good book for any parent with a daughter.

Unknown said...

can i pass an award to saffron tree?? I know its a group effort.. but I love following it & so passing this along.

Uma said...

Oh, we have this book and totally love it! Adding to Chox's mention of Jeeva's Gadagada is also Thakita Tharikita Bouncing Ball.

Vibha said...

We have read some of the Hindi books of Young Zubaan written by India's third president - Zakir Hussain. All are very interesting.

Will look for this one too.

Thanks MM :)

Chox said...

And to add to that list - Gadagada Gudugudu by who else but Jeeva Raghunath!

Thanks MM, but for you I'd never have known about Young Zubaan.

the mad momma said...

oh - some nice ideas from you guys too.

Vibha - I have those too. They're lovely

Sheela said...

Have to check this out - the title reeled me in "Pchak Pchak"...

Sure enough, when I rattle off all the terms of endearment and description of the kids' motions in Tamil, I realize that it is part of my speech - to use gudugudu, chupchup, tukutuku etc. confounding Ana as I cannot translate exactly what I said :)

Meera Sriram said...

Yes, the sound-formula can never fail with kids:) We have Sunu Sunu, the snail from Tulika for the same quality. Nicely written TMM.

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